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Data Recovery And Migration

Data Recovery

What happens if your hard disk fails? What if your data backup goes bad?

Often, you won't know until it's too late!

So, what now? Is your data just gone?

Luckily, it's often possible to actually recover data from disks and other storage devices that have been damaged, formatted, or are thought to have been wiped-out by a virus or malware.

We'll use our advanced software and diagnostic tools to attempt recovery of some or all of your data from damaged or formatted storage devices. We also have some specialized tools to help recover data from certain kinds of corrupted file formats.

Although recovery is not always 100% successful (depending on what exactly happened to the storage medium), our recovery technicians have a few tricks up their sleeve to better the odds in your favor.

Don't give up on your data before you call Computer Answers!

Call us now for free diagnostics and consultation.

Data Migration and Backup

Whether you're moving to a new computer, are running out of disk space, or have a storage device that is starting to fail, we can help you transfer and archive your data to prevent loss or corruption.

Even if you're fine on space and have new hardware, backing up your data is important to prevent loss — whether accidentally through programming or human error, or intentionally due to malicious programs like viruses.

While important, this job can be time-consuming and requires a bit of discipline to be effective. If you already have a million things to do, don't fret. We can handle it for you and let you concentrate on other matters.

Call us today to schedule a regular backup of your system files, databases, documents, and settings by one of our technicians.

Alternatively, you can have us install an automated backup solution for your individual computers or network.

Should you need help rotating your backup media or restoring your data backups, we can help there, too.

Call us today and rest easier tonight.

data recovery migration

Here's what happened: A small local company was growing and everything was going fine as their Dell workstation stored their entire company database comprising the last 4 years of hard work and dedication. One day they arrived and the computer would not boot. Their company would have changed from a multi million dollar organization to a fraction of that if their database was destroyed. Their system was not being backed up and recovery measures were not in place. Do not let yourself arrive at this situation, let us show you how you can avoid this and have measures in place to keep your company secure. Rest easier. Need Data recovered, migrated, or backed up? Call us right now at:

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