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What to do when iPhone not charging

Why Is Your iPhone Not Charging?

"My iPhone is not charging' - one of our nightmares will come true if we have to say this. You'll notice a lightning bolt next to the battery indicator in the status bar or a huge battery icon on your Lock screen if your iPhone is charging successfully. However, there's something odd with your iPhone charging capabilities if you don't see the lightning bolt or if it doesn't charge or charges very slowly. There are several reasons why your iPhone won't charge or charge slowly. The following are the primary reasons:

iPhone Software Limits Charging Above 80 Percent

iOS 13 employs Optimized Battery Charging to reduce the amount of time your iPhone is fully charged, slowing the rate of battery aging. Your iPhone employs on-device machine learning to learn about your daily charging habits so that it can wait until you need to use it to finish charging. This method of charging decreases battery wear and extends battery life. 

iPhone ChargePort Contains Debris

It's possible that your iPhone won't charge properly if the charging port is clogged.

Water Damage

Water damage is harmful to an iPhone and can impair its charging ability. When your iPhone becomes wet, use tissue paper to wipe away the excess water, and don't turn it on right away. The iPhone will be permanently damaged if it is turned on right away.

Damaged Power Adapter or Charging Cable 

With your adapter and cord, you may charge another iPhone. Your adapter and cable are operating fine if the other iPhone charges. However, there could be a problem with your adapter or cable if the other iPhone does not charge. It would be best to replace your present adapter and cable with new ones in this situation.

What to Do When an iPhone is Not Charging?

Is It A Software Issue?

If your iPhone isn't charging when plugged in, you might think it's the battery, but the chances are that it's a software issue. 

This seems logical if you think about it. While the hardware does the heavy lifting, the software is the intelligence behind the operation, and a more fragile system is more likely to encounter a tiny hiccup now and again. So a Hard Reset is the answer.

Liquid Damage

While dirt and debris in the charging port can stop the phone from charging, liquid damage can also be a significant issue. If you've dropped your phone in water and set it aside to dry, double-check that it's entirely dry before plugging it in. Even a small amount of water can shorten the connections, causing even more issues.

Set your phone aside and let it thoroughly dry. You wouldn't want to ruin your phone, no matter how vital the data inside it is or how desperate you are to use it again, would you?

If you receive an indication that your accessory isn't supported or certified.

These warnings may arise for a variety of reasons:

  • The charging port on your iOS iPhone may be unclean or broken.

  • If your charging accessory isn't Apple-certified, it's either malfunctioning or broken.

  • Your USB charger isn't made to charge electronic devices.

Take the following steps:

  • Remove any junk from your device's charging port on the bottom.

  • Your iPhone or iPod touch should be restarted.

  • Change the USB cable or charger.

  • Make sure you're running the most recent version of iOS.

Restore your iPhone by putting it into DFU mode.

A DFU restoration may work even if your iPhone won't charge! You've ruled out a basic software issue and examined your USB cable, charger, and iPhone, so it's time for a last-ditch effort: a DFU restore. A DFU restore is a unique type of restore that can fix serious software issues if they exist.

Repair Your iPhone

If none of these work, your iPhone will most likely need to be repaired. Don't worry; Computer Answers will handle everything for you. To repair your gadget, come to one of our locations in Clifton Park, Brooklyn, or Albany. For further information, please visit our website.

Ever wake up after leaving your iPhone on the charger and find that it had not changed at all? This can be due to any number of reasons and we will outline a few of the more frequent ones that are experienced by the technicians at our store.

Let's start off with one of the simplest fixes, the cable itself! We all know how the lightning cables wear out in time and have experienced how aftermarket cables stop working after a few days. If you have another cable handy or a friend with an iPhone its as simple as testing with one of their cables to determine if you just need to replace that bad cable to get the charge. 

Pocket Lint
If you're accustomed to placing your iPhone in your pocket you will run into the dreaded gunk in the port issue that stops the lightning cable from being inserted properly and charging the phone. This is due to lint getting packed into the port and disrupting the charging connectors. All that is needed is to have the port cleaned by a technician who will take great care to ensure that is the issue and you will be ready and on your way with a fully charging iPhone again.

Damaged charging port
There are times when the charging port is damaged and beyond the simple fix of cleaning it out. In these cases, a technician in any of our stores will provide a 100% free diagnostic to determine that the charger port is indeed damaged and as we stock the parts in the house you would be able to have the charger port replaced on the spot in as little at 20 minutes.

On certain occasions, the battery is the issue and will need to be replaced. Once replaced and charged to 100% it is best to allow the battery to discharge completely and charge again to 100% for at least three charging cycles to condition the battery for its first use. 

All of our locations provide 100% free diagnostics by technicians who understand the stress of not being able to receive your messages, work from your phone and just miss the opportunity to get that photo because your phone is not working properly or just simply not getting the charge due to any number of reasons. 

Stop into any of our locations from Sunday through Saturday to get a free diagnostic and get your problem resolved whether it be phone-related or've got computer questions we have the answers!

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