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Website Application Development

What is Web Application Development?

We encourage you to invest in web application development. Computer Answers has the expertise to accomplish it effectively. But first, we'd like you to have a good understanding of what web application development entails.

Setting goals for the app's purpose is crucial while developing a web app. What purpose does the app serve? That answer should be considered while designing the user interface. For example, the user interface will provide information about the customer. Thus developers should create the app to receive and respond to that data. 

Web development comprises a variety of jobs, including:

  • Ensure that the web app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Metrics for the life cycle and optimization

  • Creating a user interface that is intelligent and iterative

To ensure that these web development projects are done effectively, it may be advantageous to use dependable talent, such as the developers of Computer Answers. This provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that experts are constructing your web application.

Website VS Web Application - Is There Any Differences?

Yes, you are correct in your inquiry. It is, understandably, the first doubt that springs to mind.A website is developed on a platform that the designer or developer can only change. On the other hand, a web application is interactive and built on a platform that allows user data to inform future revisions of the app. Web apps, made up of HTML documents, can be integrated into an existing website or created as stand-alone applications.

The program must be distributed via the internet and linked to a database. A web application permits interactions with the user's request to yield several different results. In contrast, typical websites serve the primary function of presenting content (such as text or video) to the user.

Website Application Development - Invest in affordable, long-term Platforms
The Internet is now highly dynamic. It's not just about HTML, photos, and text; it's about quality user experience. Our primary expertise is application development, we use the most secure back end NGNIX server architecture and PHP 7.xx back end language, this is most important to ensure that your application is secure and scale-able. Your biggest mistake will be to create an application using open source technology as eventually you are guaranteed to run into a brick wall and need to start over. The goal is to minimize your server resources and allow thousands and even millions of people to use your application simultaneously.  If you really want your online business venture to work, you must invest in web apps that are lean and custom-built on both the front and back ends. At Computer Answers, we can help you do this.

Web App Development - Numerous Platforms, One Provider

Our Software Developers are well-versed in all kinds of  programming  languages that are applied in web applications. Here are some of the  programming  platforms that we're able to work on:
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5
  • Flash
  • Silverlight
  • PHP 7.xx
  • Ajax

Web Application VS Native & Hybrid Apps.

Computer Answers offers professional web application development services. Before you initiate web application development for your organization, let us walk you through the differences between web apps and other native and hybrid apps. 

Web Apps: Web-based applications are built in HTML5 and Javascript and are designed solely for use in a web browser. Web apps are less expensive to create than native apps. They're also less difficult to prepare. But it can be slower and unavailable through app stores. 

Native & Hybrid Apps: One can download native apps from the App Store or Google Play. They are created for individual devices instead of mobile web and hybrid apps. When it comes to user experience, a native app is the quickest and most dependable. Native apps can also use all of the device's operating system functions. However, if you wish to design your app for various platforms and maintain your app updated, you'll need a more significant budget.

A hybrid app can be made for a website and a specialized platform. Hybrid apps differ from native apps because they are created for many platforms. It is also developed significantly faster than a native app.

Why you should invest on Web Apps with us
Web Applications will save your company a lot of time, effort, and money. Most importantly, there is great ROI in hosting cloud-based applications aka SaaS (software as a service). Here are a few other reasons why we must proactively work together towards finding great web apps for your business:

  • There is no need for complex and expensive deployment procedures of software. All that's needed for a web application is a browser!
  • Web apps require very little disk space, saving you on computer memory.
  • Updates are automatically implemented online since your web apps will be hosted by us.
  • Web apps can be easily integrated with other tasks, and has high compatibility with any OS, as it is browser-based.

Get the most out of your online business!
At Computer Answers, it is our job to make your online venture work the way it should. Call us now so we can brainstorm application ideas that are specific to your business's internal and external structure. Our hotline is


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