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Computer Training

We offer a variety of hour-long computer classes, featuring hands-on, tutorial-based lessons and personalized instruction.

We strictly maintain small class sizes.

Whether instructing a group or individual, we work with each student on a personal level to ensure understanding of the material being covered. Let me reiterate. We work with each student, personally.

Our instructors are experienced Computer Answers staff currently working in the field they teach. They are very knowledgeable and will gladly answer as many questions as necessary.

In fact, questions are always welcome and encouraged in our classes. Our number one priority is facilitating your complete grasp and comprehension of the material at a functional level. The common goal in all of our courses is to help you be more productive and less dependent on technicians when it comes to everyday use and management of your computer.

Call us today to schedule a lesson or to find out about our available training courses.

Featured Courses

Maximizing Windows 10

The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and desktop shell stems from a long line of predecessors. Of them, this latest version is the most refined, stable, and user-friendly for the average PC user. Knowing how to properly utilize and configure its many built-in features can save you valuable time and allow you to work more productively and with less headaches.

This course teaches you how to maximize your benefit from the built-in and hidden features of Windows, covering:

  • Email — sending, receiving, configuration and setup using Outlook Express
  • Desktop — personalizing and optimizing your desktop and start menu
  • Explorer — organizing and navigating your computer's filesystem
  • Update — keeping your system current with security and feature updates
  • Defense — practicing safe security measures to avoid viruses and spyware
  • Maintenance — keeping your computer fast, lean, and running smoothly

Maximizing Microsoft Office

With the tools included in Microsoft Office, you have the ability to perform just about any business-related task. Design your own sales and informational brochures, do you own budgeting, and create slideshows, database, charts, and professional documents. It integrates with Windows and Explorer, as well as Outlook Express, for easy use and sharing of office documents.

This course begins your mastery of the programs and productivity features available in Office, covering:

  • Office — customizing the Office workspace and included programs
  • Word — creating, editing, and linking data sources to documents
  • Excel — creating and editing basic, advanced, and dynamic spreadsheets
  • Access — creating and altering databases and using data forms
  • Powerpoint — creating both basic and sophisticated presentations
  • Outlook — organizing notes, email, contacts, and appointments
  • FrontPage — creating and publishing web pages with a graphical editor

That's Not All, Folks…

Other lesson plans are available. Call for details.

computer training  Spring 2019 Class Bulletins Computer Answers is proud to welcome our Thursday night students to our main office:

Computer Answers 1602 Route 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065

  • Working with spread sheets
  • Image and data manipulation
  • How to use the internet
  • How to get started with web design
  • Desktop publishing
  • intro to Graphic design
  • Spreadsheets and presentations
  • How to programming and computer languages
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