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Macbook Pro Repair

The fact that you are checking on repairs for a Mac Pro means that you are having a serious business issue. Either one or more workstations are having computing issues, or the server for your entire company is performing poorly. Perhaps there has been serious damage done by an electrical fault, a fire or water damage from a sprinkler system. No matter what the situation is, Computer Answers has dealt with it before and dealt with it successfully and efficiently as with other apple products - iPhone iPad etc.

If your laptop is a Mac Pro with a touch bar, that needs a keyboard repaired we know that you are a serious professional. Since its introduction in 2006, the powerful Mac Pro with a dual or quad core Intel processor and 24/7 expert technical support you don't have to buy Apple Care for the first 60 days … has been the engine of choice for filmmakers, engineers and a host of other high-end users.

When a malfunction occurs, it is the same as a movie studio or research center having to temporarily close. Your people who know your mac don’t help with your MacBook pro retina, business comes to a temporary stop, along with your income. That laptop containing vital files and projects has to be up and running again as quickly as possible issues like MacBook hard drive repair, MacBook screen repair, or MacBook liquid damage repair will literally make it impossible for you to function and fix my MacBook becomes a top priority. At Computer Answers, we understand your needs.

Why Choose Us for Your MacBook Pro Repair?

When something goes wrong with your MacBook Pro, or MacBook computer support it’s time to call MacBook experts, who can repair MacBook keyboard repair, MacBook retina repair, and MacBook battery repair Computer Answers. We have been servicing and repairing laptops made by Apple ever since the G3 and iBook models were released in the late 1990s. When the first generation of the MacBook Pro was announced in 2006, we made sure we understood every centimeter of its structure and every pathway of its programming. With each successive release of all three generations of the MacBook Pro, we take them apart so we know how to put them back together.

Because we know the hardware and software of Mac Pro so well, Computer Answers has the experience  to handle MacBook charging port repair and the expertise to diagnose your laptop’s problem accurately, and get it repaired and back to you quicker than anyone else. At the bottom of this page you’ll see some general categories as to common problems.

Our Repair Services

Just to be sure there is no mistake being made, a Mac Pro is not the same as a MacBook Pro.  The Mac Pro is the rectangular (first generation) or cylindrical (since 2013) computer tower first introduced by Apple as a business/enterprise solution in 2006. As a replacement for the G5 Power Mac, the Mac Pro switched to Intel processors to create the most powerful desktop computer among Apple’s offerings.

We spread our experience among apple support community.

At the bottom of this page we list several possible issues and/or service suggestions for a faulty Mac Pro. Your first step when a problem arises – or to schedule regular service to ensure many problems do not arise – is to contact Computer Answers. We have been servicing and repairing Apple products since 1999, which means that we have been familiar with the Mac Pro ever since its arrival, through its two generations and its adaptation into the Mac Pro Server. You can call us Toll Free at 866-488-2806 or use our Contact Form. Either way, you’ll soon be talking with a Computer Answers pro who knows what to do get your Mac Pro – and most importantly your business – back in great running order.

There are no services which we can’t handle when it comes to mac pro repairs, so just look below to see some of the most common issues affecting apple laptop repairs. MacBook pro specialist, for MacBook pro water damage repair, MacBook pro repair store, and MacBook pro screen repair, are just some of the key areas of our specialty.

So either call us Toll Free at 866-488-2806 or use our Contact Form. Either way you will soon be in touch with a MacBook pro expert and be up and running.

Visit Us At Any One of Our 5 Convenient Locations In New York Including Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Albany, Clifton Park, East Village NYC, and Schenectady.

Free Diagnostics

Of course, the best way of solving a problem is by doing all you can to avoid having a problem. At Computer Answers, we offer a Free Diagnostic for any computer, including a Mac Pro, brought in or shipped to one of our five service centers where you can MacBook pro repair. If that is not feasible, as it may not be for a business workstation, it makes sense to arrange for a trained Computer Answers technician to regularly inspect your Mac Pro computers on site. Work with data recovery software is significant part of our work. As we know the process of installation the program is very simple, it is only run a program and click continue. You can do it yourself taking software in apple store and shift option command, but better contact us now before an emergency occurs.

Mac Pro Startup Issues

If you notice a gray screen appearing when your Mac Pro is turned on, there are several possible reasons. It may be that there is a flaw or compatibility issue with your version of Mac OS X. MacBook pro data recovery depends directly on MacBook pro os repair. If you do not have your startup disc at hand, there is no reason to worry. At Computer Answers we have all the possible startup discs for the various versions of OS X. We can re-install or advise you if an upgrade is in order.

Mac Pro Virus/Spyware Removal

Perhaps your Mac Pro is just running slowly. Are there unexpected freezes or are your workstations crashing? There is a high likelihood your MacBook pro has been compromised with malware and viruses and possibly a Trojan horse. We use the state of the art antivirus software and antivirus scanners to identify malicious virus and malware threats on your MacBook followed by manual Trojan removal and manual registry virus removal. We guarantee your MacBook will be virus free after our consultation.

Mac Pro Water Damage Repair

If you decided to take a swim with your mac pro do not despair, we are the water damage mac recovery experts, we can literally replace each individual part one by one, or simply get you into a new mac all together and save all of your files. During liquid damage, data from MacBook pro or damaged logic board are common problems, but we offer guaranteed recovery of lost partition and file recovery, on your MacBook air, so bring your external hard drives for liquid spilled on MacBook pros.

Mac Pro Wi-Fi Problems

Are your workstations having difficulties with their Wi-Fi connection? That could mean there is a problem with one or more individual workstation terminals, an antenna issue, incompatible software or a repairable problem within the Mac Pro itself. Wi Fi issue is a serious problem for client. The most efficient way of getting to the root of the glitch and fixing it is bringing in a Computer Answers technician who can quickly identify and repair the broken connection.

Mac Pro Hard Drive Repair/Replacement

Apple products are high quality but in an extreme situation your MacBook Pro might be so screwed up that others can’t fix it. Not at computer answers we will and can fix all hard drive and data recovery related problems with a 99.99% success rate. We will not charge you if we cannot get your data, once we have it we will move it to a new hard drive for you. MacBook pro hard drive repair can be purely mechanical or logical with lost data or both. MacOS recovery lost data is very critical process and sometimes we need reinstall macOS, if you approved it. Fix MacBook pro is a difficult task. You need specific parts for it. You can buy them in MacBook pro repair shop. Technician of Computer Answer easily and quickly produce your MacBook pro hard drive repair or replace it.

What makes us different? How about FREE Diagnostics, repairs while you wait, and a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

Our Mac Pro Repair Services Include:

Monitor Repair
Water Damage
FREE Diagnostics
Power Port Replacement
Headphone Port Replacement
USB Port Replacement
System Upgrades
Software Installs
Hard Drive Recovery

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