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Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile advertising has recently transformed from static ad banners into rich, dynamic media, such as videos that can provide an engaging and interactive experience for the target market. At  Computer Answers  we have made it our mission to streamline mobile video advertising to our list of marketing capabilities. Today, we are one of the best video content creators around, providing our clients with an immersive brand experience that will resonate through the video advertising campaign that we will launch for them.

We have a very diverse set of solutions for your mobile video advertising needs and we can make them available across all mobile platforms, primarily on iOS and Android. With very high customization levels, our advertising tools can be tailored to fit your marketing goals and objectives.

It is our primary objective to correctly represent the message of your brand and distribute your ad in a near-viral manner. We will help you reach your clients in unprecedented ways.

Mobile Video Advertising - Our Step by Step Procedure.

We, Computer Answers, offer three options for Mobile Video Advertising- Already Existing Video, Your content & Our creation, and Our Content & Our Creation. To make a mobile video Ads we follow these steps- 

Establish the Objects: As with any other marketing strategy, the first step in a mobile advertising campaign is to identify objectives. Defining objectives or measurable goals allows us to better understand and learn from our performance.

Choosing The Target Audience: To stay on top of our advertising game, we target a specific group of people. In the first step, we have to figure out the targeted audience. Once the target audience is defined, our specialists research their preferences and other details such as what they require, what they prefer, how they react, etc.

Identify the type of mobile ad you need: Determine the appropriate form of the ad campaign for the product or service that necessitates considerable consideration. Developers could establish ad campaigns with the express objective of increasing sales or raising brand awareness.

Decide the ad campaign length: The following elements influence the size of the ad campaign- measures that users will take (single click, multiple steps, etc.), Preferences of user groups as determined by previously generated data, Budget availability.

Consider the targeted devices: The content of advertisements differs depending on the targeted devices. For different devices, different forms of material are employed.

Ad designing: Finally, when it comes to designing mobile advertisements, we provide graphics and content. When it comes to mobile promotions, nothing beats content.

Data management, reporting analysis: Data management, reporting, and analysis are essential aspects of mobile advertisements. And obviously, we do respect users' privacy and consider the safety of their data. 

Ad testing: We test the conversion rates when the ad is ready. We can examine how well the advertisement is doing in conversions and sales.

Who will create the Mobile Video Ads?

We offer three options in this regard. Pick which one best fits your needs and objectives.

Already Existing Video.  If you have an existing marketing video, but want to make use of our great distribution and marketing capabilities, we have competitive discounted rates so all you have to pay is the distribution itself, and not the whole marketing campaign.
Our Creation, Your Content.  If you want us to create your mobile marketing video, using your own video sources and clips, we also have such a package. We can edit, merge, and compile already existing content to make your own mobile video commercial, while still at very competitive rates. 
Our Creation, Our Sources.  We are able to create custom mobile video ads completely from scratch. The content will be entirely original. This package includes the creation of a 30-second video animation that will be designed after discussing the storyboard of your desired marketing campaign.

Mobile Video Advertisement - High Quality is Imperative

We won't permit ourselves to create mediocre campaigns with mediocre results. All the videos we create will be ultra-modern, with truly professional editing and eye-popping animation. Our graphic designers are superbly skilled in this area and we are sure that you won't be disappointed with our results.

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Mobile video advertising is the way to go for online enterprises that want to expand their marketing scope. People are now staying away from their laptops and computers and are turning to their mobile phones for their Internet fix. You must improve brand awareness by conquering all modern media platforms, including mobile. Contact us at

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