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Water Damaged Computer Repairs

Liquid damage repairs can range in difficult and repair time

Most spill damage repairs are not the end of the world on the hardware if applying a drying process, only 1 or 2 components actually need to be repaired remove the battery, remove corrosion, clean the circuit boards, which leaves repair costs at under $300 on average. Often times you can put electronics in uncooked rice, to help in recovering your data. If you go to the apple store you can get your iCloud backup file, check the warning messages, or get data from water damaged computers. You can be assured that the repair costs will be upwards of $900 ti replace components at the apple store because they will be replacing the entire logic board and in 90% of cases this is overkill. A water damaged iPhone, or mobile device with an iCloud account, for iPhone data recovery, will require an ios device iTunes backup.  We only repair the parts that need to be replaced and save you money in the process.

You can mail your mac to us or come to the shop!

We always provide a free diagnosis and a free estimate on the repairs and there is no charge to have a look at it.

Approximate estimates on common repairs:

  • Non working button or keyboard – $100 - $250
  • Track-pad not working – $100-$250
  • Motherboard repair – $200-$440
  • Battery malfunction – $100-$250
apple advanced board repair    

Successful USB port repair

mac micro board level repair                

Trackpad repair fixed successfully

When you visit computer Answers its your last stop!

Most shops don't have the resources or skills to do board level in house for computer water damage repair, or water damage data recovery. This leaves you stuck dealing with the middleman and the repair challenges and miscommunication that may arise is a huge hassle when water damage motherboard repair is the main task.

We fix your logic board in our shop with your best interests in mind. We have been doing this kind of work for so long that we have become a training facility for other technicians across the world.

If you spilled something on your computer don't waste any time turn it off immediately. You must act fast as computer corrosion repair is a time based service once it gets too far gone the recovery chances go down. Keeping the computer running will potentially cause permanent damage, by liquid caused corrosion. Although even when the damage is complex we can still repair most issues.

The photo of the board above was a $699 part and we were able to repair it for $375 to save the customer on parts and labor almost over 50%, if you want to learn you can view us in action videos of us doing the work.

Problems we will fix on your spill damaged machine:

  • No power
  • Random Freezing
  • No on screen display
  • Battery problems or not charging
  • Keyboard not working or other dysfunction
  • Track-pad not working

Why choose us?

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

  • We repair complex logic board issues
  • We have over 15 years of component level repair experience
  • We have state of the art clean room equipment that most shops simply don't have available.
  • We stock all of our parts in house to save time and turn around time
  • All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 90 days

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