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Macbook Logic Board Repairs

Apple can't fix your logic board?

If you bring your MacBook for mac board repair or mail it to us we can determine which components fix mac motherboard broken and repair it at a fraction of the cost of a new board.

Bring it to our store for repair, or mail your MacBook to us if you’re not in the area.

Apple logic board repair problems can be caused by any number of issues, such as overheating, water damage, avoid replacing the logic board from physical impact. Logic board damage can be fixed by our team of expert technicians. With over 15 years of experience we can help you to get your MacBook back and running for less.

If your MacBook has any of the following symptoms, its logic board may have liquid damage:

  • MacBook is overheating or feels hot
  • MacBook shows no image on the screen
  • MacBook battery no longer charges
  • MacBook constantly glitches or freezes
  • MacBook doesn't turn on
  • Apple logic board fix

With over 10,000 motherboard repairs under our belt you can rest assured we can repair your logic board and get your MacBook back in your hands as we are an authorized service, for mac repair, component level repair, and unibody MacBook, or touch id issues. Don't waste your time looking at YouTube videos for your MacBook repair, don't remove the battery or waste time on turnaround time, no need to visit an apple store, MacBook pro flat rate logic board repair service, to fix board level repair. The repair process for your apple device or a MacBook air shouldn't make your life miserable, or make you stop in your tracks, logic boards motherboard for an iMac pro can be done quickly and efficiently if you have a team of real MacBook board repair professionals helping you with your issue.


Our warranty can't be beat

Most repair shops companies only offer a 30-day logic board only repair policy. Computer Answers repairs come with 90-day guarantee plus a 1-year optional guarantee.

We only use quality parts

Most board repair companies use cheap low-quality Chinese parts. Computer Answers sources original Apple parts and highest quality OEM spec copies. Why? Because our goal is to repair your MacBook just one time and have you on your way with a smile!

We have locations across the Northeast with many years of experience

Our reputation matters to us you can rest assured that we will give you the best quality service. No matter the complexity of your mac motherboard repair, or apple motherboard repair problems, our mac motherboard fix and mac component repair experts are literally second to none, we will go out of our way and to the other side of the world and back to repair your mac motherboard or repair MacBook pro board, to repair my MacBook pro logic board. We really love our customers.

Has your mac suddenly fallen? Well don't worry we can actually fix physically damaged MacBook boards as well so bring your cracked mac motherboard and we will fix it.

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