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Mobile Marketing

Importance of Mobile Marketing Nowadays

The world is now going mobile. More and more people view online content, watch Youtube videos, purchase online products and use social media on their mobile devices. And it doesn't stop there. Every day, the relevance of mobile computing is growing exponentially. It is clear that in the future, smartphones will become the norm. Why not use this to your business' advantage early on?

Our IT researchers at  Computer Answers  have dealt with mobile services long before mobile became mainstream. We didn't just recently jump the bandwagon. We are one of the most experienced computer companies there is in terms of mobile marketing. As such, we know exactly how to integrate your company's traditional marketing strategies with mobile advertising tools.

Most companies fail to implement mobile marketing in a meaningful way because they have very little idea of what it is. We are the exact opposite. We have long recognized the scope, the range, and the limitations of mobile marketing, and we've developed a set of tested mobile marketing strategies around these limitations.  Our mobile marketing IQ is unparalleled anywhere on the Internet. Do mobile marketing with us today.

Mobile Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Mobile marketing uses mobile devices to advertise products and services. On the other hand, traditional marketing uses old-fashioned methods like billboards and print ads. Mobile marketing, unlike traditional marketing, takes advantage of the fact that many people carry their phones with them everywhere. As a result, location-based services can collect client information and then offer coupons and deals based on the consumer's proximity to a business or a frequent location.

These marketing strategies can be more focused and personalized for each user, making them more effective for the marketing organization. Businesses that cling to their old marketing strategies will fail miserably. Don't be one of them, and get started on your mobile marketing campaign with Computer Answers ASAP!

Our Mobile Marketing Services

After intense research into dozens of mobile advertising techniques, we've trimmed down our mobile marketing focus to four: 

  • SMS Marketing - Marketing through text messaging
  • MMS Marketing - Marketing through imagery, audio, and video
  • Mobile Web Development - Creation of WAP sites for your site
  • Mobile Video Advertising - Distribution of mobile-ready video ads

These four marketing platforms have been found most effective in generating brand awareness for your business and can deliver huge results at minimal costs. We have also devised strategies that will target mobile users who will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

Contact us for more information.

We are more familiar with mobile marketing tools than most advertising agencies online. We also can help you create original, intriguing, captivating ad content for better conversion rates of your mobile ads. We perform intense market research before marketing your brand so you are sure that you'll be reaching the right audience with our help. Contact us at (518)207-1477 for a free quote and a deeper understanding of the mobile marketing services we host. You may also visit us at any of the following offices:

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