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Network Support And Maintenance

Network IT Support - Ensure 100% Network performance with Us

Computer Answers offers preemptive maintenance and support for businesses and companies that do not have their own specialized IT division. We can also outsource some or all of your network’s maintenance to a highly professional IT team that will routinely check your network for errors, bugs, and other factors that debilitate system performance. We can determine what your system most urgently needs.

Computer Answers offers three kinds of support for your network – from your servers down to each computer. Here are some of the services we offer:

Network Server Maintenance

Your network’s servers are the central organ of your system. We have strategies and protocols that will help fix any server issues and keep them updated to ensure optimum performance down to the client end. Among our most common server-related services are:

  • Routine checkups of server log files, hard disks space, file and folder permissions
  • Hardware and software upgrades and updates
  • Security and redundancy maintenance
  • Application functionality checks
  • Offsite and onsite backup
  • Network Maintenance

Computer Answers want you to have a stress-free, problem-free computer network for smooth business operations via network infrastructure support with the latest information technology. Our IT engineers are experts with wide area network wan, problem-solving, by support specialists, proficient at designing and redesigning your network to have the best networking architecture. With our help and computer network support specialists, you can reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary portions of your network, computer repairs, and repair services ensuring 99% maximum system performance and virtually zero downtime. Our network maintenance services include:

  • Physical checkups of networking hardware
  • Network Switches repairs
  • Computer network Hubs repairs
  • Network Routers support
  • Network Printers support
  • Print Servers
  • UPS repairs
  • Checking firewall rules, logs, and OS
  • Checking networking incompatibilities
  • Checking file and folder properties and permissions

We can investigate your local area network LAN analyze test troubleshoot computer hardware test troubleshoot and evaluate, for your small business network. Evaluate existing network systems is one of the most challenging to troubleshoot and evaluate existing networks, primarily the job requires a network support company that has network specialists, who specialize in business computer network repair, so don't go it alone without a network it person, who can get your network setup correctly with minimal interruption, to fix LAN wide area network.

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