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SMS Marketing

Among all forms of mobile marketing, Short Message Service, SMS marketing is the most potent. Why? The answer lies in the conversion rates. Ad campaigns from text messages are trusted by a majority of phone users and, in fact, 90% of SMS marketing texts are voluntarily opened and read by their recipients. What's more mind-blowing is that the response rate for these text messages is between 15 and 30%! You can't find conversion stats like that in online or traditional advertising.

At Computer Answers, we spend time creating effective text messaging campaigns for our clients. By using extensive audience research, a variety of SMS marketing methods , and creating effective SMS content, we can help you substantially increase your market size through text marketing.

When Should You Use SMS Marketing?

You may enhance your relationships with your customers by using SMS marketing services. However, because SMS is a more personal channel than email, you should consider carefully and strategically which messages you send to your SMS users, as well as how frequently you send them. SMS is an excellent way to increase brand loyalty, but you may lose clients faster if you abuse this channel.

The more you learn about SMS and gather statistics on what your subscribers respond to, the better you'll be able to text your customers.

Consumers expect more personalized communications from brands, and e-commerce marketers build stronger ties with customers. So SMS marketing will be significant for businesses that want to stand out, improve engagement, and offer excellent customer interactions.

SMS Marketing Service - How It Works

In simple terms, mobile phone users will be directed to send a keyword to a pre-defined short code we'll provide for you at a competitive rate. After the keyword is successfully sent, the SMS campaign is immediately put in place.

Here are some of the unique campaign methods that we can implement via SMS: 

  • Campaigns
  • Text-to-Email
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Subscription Alerts
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Mobile Product Listings
  • Fundraising
  • Customer Service
  • Client Notification System
  • Information Responses
  • WAP Push Messaging
  • Community
  • Voting/Polling
  • Mobile Fan Clubs
  • Premium SMS Sweepstakes

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SMS Marketing  has become a legitimate marketing campaign in the past few years because of its customer reach and high return on investment.  Computer Answers  can help your business reach more customers and increase brand awareness. Our SMS marketing methods are your gateway towards a more globalized market scope.  Contact us at

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