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MMS Marketing

MMS Marketing - The Better Way than Text Campaigns

Multimedia campaigns are highly enriched with images, video, and audio. MMS Marketing is a complementary advertising strategy that will help bring in more clients to your business through multimedia messages. MMS can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. MMS messages are more appealing to prospective clients by nature of their dynamic content, although it shouldn't be misconstrued as an alternative to SMS marketing.

Computer Answers is able to distribute bulk MMS messages and employ a range of services for all your MMS marketing needs. Our delivery speed is fast, with great transfer security. More importantly, we can account for all kinds of mobile devices by making your MMS campaign's content flexible and adaptable to any mobile format.

MMS Makrteting Solutions - User Experience is Key  

Here at Computer Answers, creating quality multimedia content that engages users with your product is our highest priority. Our aim is to deliver a great mobile marketing experience to your prospective clients.

MMS Formats
 Each MMS campaign is tailored to the nature of your business.  Social Media Marketing  can distribute rich media for your campaign such as:
  • Video Advertisements
  • Digital Vouchers
  • Mobile Tickets
  • Bar Codes
  • Advertising Images
  • Audio Ads

Why Choose Us for Your MMS Marketing?

Computer Answers is the place to go if you're looking for a quality platform for MMS marketing. MMS marketing is a sort of mobile marketing that allows you to send photos, videos, and audio samples to your customers. Despite the high open rate of SMS, some people choose to disregard them. When was the last time you didn't respond to a photo-based message? It's unlikely. MMS marketing opens up an entirely new set of possibilities.

Computer Answers gives several services to meet your demands. First, it can send out bulk MMS messages. We can cater to all types of mobile devices by making your MMS campaign's content fluid and flexible to any portable format. Our priority is to deliver high-quality multimedia content that keeps users interested in your product. The best part of Computer Answers is that it creates each MMS campaign from the ground up, from multimedia ad creation to determining your mobile audience to ensuring that your advertising content is distributed effectively. Every MMS campaign is tailored to your company's specific requirements. Our delivery time is fast, and the security of the transfer is outstanding.

How We Can Help You

Computer Answers creates each MMS campaign from scratch, including designing the multimedia ads, determining your mobile audience, to an efficient distribution of your advertising content. Call us at

for a free quote and to get started with MMS Marketing.
Our mobile campaign rates are competitive. We can also provide discounts for those who already have an MMS campaign and only require deployment services. Please visit any of our offices listed below to coordinate your MMS marketing campaign with us!
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