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Smartphone Repairs

Smartphones are undeniably the future of mobile computing. These highly capable mobile devices are taking over the digital world at an unprecedented rate, led by the remarkably popular iPhone, the first true smartphone invented. Smart phone repair include cracked screen, charging ports, charging cable, screen replacement, you can try to use the hair dryer. At Computer Answers, we repair smartphones screen repair effectively and efficiently, especially catering to those who can't afford the repair charges set by their phone manufacturers.

Our smartphone repair mantra is simple: bring your phone to us, water damage, dropping your phone, water damaged phone, diagnose it for FREE, find out what solution works best for your phone and your budget, cell phone repair and then, finally, apply necessary repairs and replacements quickly and effectively. Our technicians are highly skilled in smartphone repairs, sim cards and we possess the most advanced diagnostic tools and repair software to fix your smartphone, regardless of the make or model. We also include accidental damage coverage, charger port, apple authorized service, you don’t have to worry about the water-resistant incidents of accidental damage.

Smartphone Repair - The Brands We Cater To 


Of course, most of our attention turns to the highly-praised and sought-after iPhone, the most popular and widely used smartphone in the world. Smartphone screen repair is not only apple smartphone repair it includes all smartphones which can be smartphone water damage repair, or phone charging port reair. It has a closed, compact environment, and as part of our fixing practices, we would like to keep your iPhone that way as much as possible. We apply due care and diligence in fixing your phone, as we know that they're expensive. We can fix all models of iPhones, starting from the original iPhone 3G, up to the latest, iPhone 4S.  


The Samsung Galaxy smartphone series has generated buzz very similar to that of the iPhone, and in fact Samsung is the main contender to Apple for the title of being the leader of smartphones. The Samsung range of smartphones is very wide, and we have taken all of them into consideration. We are able to fix all the latest smartphone releases by Samsung. We can also help our clients load or fix apps from the Android market.


HTC is very unique in that their smartphones have varying operating systems from each other. That shouldn't be a problem, though, as we are able to address all HTC problems, whether hardware or software. Whether you're using the mobile Windows OS, or their very own HTC sense, we can diagnose your HTC smartphone problems with no problem at all.  


Blackberry is very popular since it's the only company endorsing a whole range of devices that use physical QWERTY keyboards, as well as track-pads for navigation. As such, repair services for Blackberry products vary greatly from other smartphone brands. We've taken the time to analyze the structure of a majority of Blackberry models and we've built repair strategies and methods based from our intensive research.  

Other Brands

We offer repair solutions to a myriad of other popular smartphone makers, including Motorola, LG, Palm, Nokia, and Sony. We can fix smartphones regardless of the phone's carrier, too.  

What We Can Fix

Computer Answers can repair a whole range of common smartphone problems, from keyboard defects to OS issues. Our services are fast, highly reliable, and client-oriented, with flexible rates that can be modified to the financial advantage of the customer.  Phone charging port repair is one of the most common repairs as well as smart phone liquid damage repair.

Furthermore, we offer free diagnostics of your phone's problems if you drop it at any of our stores in New York! Here is a complete list of all the smartphone problems that we can readily fix, and quickly: 

  • Broken Screens
  • Case/Housing/Keyboard Replacement
  • Replacement of Damaged Moving Parts
  • Power and Charging Defects
  • Button Problems/Replacement
  • Camera Defects
  • Water/Liquid Damage
  • Signal and Connectivity Issues

Mobile Phone Repair - Get Unmatched Service from Computer Answers

We have wide range of experience in repairing smartphone problems. With Computer Answers, you can enjoy fast repairs at the most economical prices. Try us, and see the difference in service. You can visit any of our offices in Schenectady,  Clifton Park  and Albany (addresses on the sidebar) and turn your phone in for a FREE diagnostic examination. After a thorough check-up on your phone's condition, we will offer you a couple of service options, and then our trained technicians can take it from there. Call us at (866) 488-2806 for a free checkup on your phone now.

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