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Computer Tune up

computer tune up

Since you arrived at this page your computer must be running slower then you'd like. Well the reality is you have options, we offer a basic free tune up service that covers some of the following techniques which you can even try to do yourself. Most companies will charge $49 or better for this service.

Here are some of the things we will take care of for you if you decide to take advantage of our tune up pc services by cleaning up startup programs.

We will remove all unnecessary software often referred to as bloatware, well use a pc cleaner or you can have a try at it yourself but we know all of it on sight often running in the background.

Most companies will just remove shortcuts to a lot of the bloatware as a free tune up service, we will actually uninstall it and remove traces of it from the registry.

The next step which is very important and often times overlooked are windows updates. We will make sure your computer is completely up to date and has all security pieces in place to make it run as smoothly as possible.

We will configure the auto update settings so what your computer and storage drive stays up to date! This will surely make your computer run faster. We can teach you how to use the control panel just by clicking the start button. Finally we can also advise you on upgrading your pc

We will free up space in your computer by deleting unnecessary files and in turn this clears up potential used ram and hard drive space to allow your computer and operating system to run much much faster.

One of the most important aspects to computer tune up is clearing out the startup items, we will remove all unnecessary programs from starting each time your computer starts up. This will ensure that its not using unnecessary ram and run smoothly.

One of the biggest culprits in why a computer runs slow and needs a tune up and removing temporary files, from the first look is actually an underlying deeper problem such as malware, spyware or a virus. We also offer a virus removal and clean up services which we will certainly make sure you are aware of and get to the root of the infection right away.

Just having an antivirus running in your computer sometimes will not catch all viruses as some viruses use a rootkit to get beneath the programs and then you will need a manual repair. So it's just as important to clean your pc and remove junk from the recycle bin.

Once all software related repairs and suggestions have been implemented the next step is optimizing the data to run perfectly by defragmenting the hard disk to ensure smooth data access. As always we will check the start menu, to ensure high performance and check anti malware via the task manager.

As always we will create a restore point to ensure that your perfect operating environment is saved and you can use it in case you have a problem again in the future to restore to this perfect state! When all is said and done if your pc runs great its a mission accomplished.

If all of these techniques fail we can offer a full data backup and a full reinstallation to the computer's original factory settings even if you have already lost all of your media that came with the computer.

Often times we can repair and diagnose a computer issue right over the web, give us a call to do a remote support connection and perform a lot of these steps right away.

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