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Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Hard Drive Data Recovery for damaged, reformatted, or corrupted hard drives is one of the top services here at Computer Answers. We are a leading expert in all kinds of data recovery, and we have a near-perfect success rate – a stunning 98% – in salvaging data from hard disk drives. We possess high-end technology that will restore all your lost data, fast, for any model or size drive.

Data Recovery Services by Computer Answers

Computer Answers can salvage data that will be normally deemed “unrecoverable” by most computer repair stores. Here are some of the physical and logical failures that we have fixed before:

  • Critical File Deletions

  • Encryption / Corruption

  • Lost Password / Lost Access

  • Damaged Master File Table

  • Corrupted Partitions

  • Physical Head Crash

  • Electrical Damage / Short Circuit

  • Controller Error

  • Failure of Disk Actuator

  • Motor Damage

  • Bad Disk Sectors

  • Overheating

  • Dropped Hard Disk Casings


We have plenty of hands-on knowledge with all these  Hard Drive Data Recovery issues; therefore, you can trust us with any hardware or software deficiency that your hard drive may be experiencing. Our extremely talented IT specialists are hardworking and amiable, and are willing to help you the best they can!

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