We have already covered the bottom-line benefits of  managed services agreements  in another article, and it’s true that the prospect of saving money in trading billable IT hours for a regular fee tends to be of the most interest to business owners and executives.

However, there is also one other big benefit you get from a managed services agreement, and one that might be even more valuable:  more proactive technology support .

Would you rather pay your  outsourced IT  team to come and fix problems after they are making it harder for you and your employees to do your jobs, or to handle the issues before you ever learn about them? If you are like most of the businessmen and women we work with, and want to avoid costly downtime, then a managed services agreement is definitely the way to go.

That’s because it allows a dedicated team to get to know the systems and software you use, keep them updated and maintained, and perform necessary checks at regular intervals without billing you an extra dime. In other words, it gives the IT team the freedom and incentive to keep everything in proper working order, rather than simply dealing with problems and bottlenecks one at a time as they arise.

It’s always less expensive and more effective to deal with issues proactively instead of waiting for them to be noticed. That’s a big reason that managed services agreements have so much hidden value for our clients.

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