Dell had a bad introduction to the tablet market with the Streak’s numerous bugs and disappointingly low-resolution screen. It has since recovered with its Venue tablet that is capable of running both Android and Windows. Computer Answers is the place to turn to when you need Dell tablet repairs.


If you see any warning signs or any malware infections in your tablet's electrical system, operating system, or windows server, contact us! Here at Computer Answers, we are very experienced in detecting/treating virus-infected tablets or tablets with malicious software. This is done by conducting a full scan of the tablet and make sure it is anti-virus.


Computer Answers -  A Reliable Dell Tablet Repair Center

We are also very experienced in battery terminals is such as tablets. If you need your battery tested, help replacing your battery, or an overall check-up on your battery life, we can help while also including a battery case. Our services also include being able to recover data not only on your Dell tablet but your android tablet and windows tablets as well. If your charging port is giving you issues and you need port repair we are also here to help!


Computer Answers regularly repairs or replaces everything from cracked screens to dying batteries, clogged pores, or fading speakers. For When we receive your tablet – you are always welcome to drop into one of our service centers – we will analyze it for free and provide you with a quote for repair or replacement. We can often repair your Dell tablet while you wait. Contact us today by using our Contact Form or just give us a call. The list below will provide you with more services we can provide regarding Dell tablet repair.

Our Dell Tablet Repair Services Include:

  • Dell Tablet Battery Replacement
  • Dell Tablet Charge Port Repair
  • Dell Tablet Charger Repair/Replacement
  • Dell Tablet Connectivity Repair (Internal Antenna)
  • Dell Tablet Data Recovery
  • Dell Tablet Glass Replacement
  • Dell Tablet LCD Replacement
  • Dell Tablet Speaker Repair
  • Dell Tablet Virus/Spyware Removal