Following the success of its Kindle tablets, Amazon moved into the smartphone market in June of 2014 with the release of its Fire Phone. By linking four forward-facing cameras into its operating system, the Fire Phone gives a unique sense of a 3D perspective. That operating system itself is also unique, the Fire OS.

Such a unique phone requires a knowledgeable repair center and your place to go for Amazon Fire Phone Repairs is Computer Answers. We pride ourselves on understanding the hardware, software, and operating systems of all smartphones as soon as they come to market. We take the time to learn so we can save you time.

Why Us for Your Kindle/ Fire Phone Repair?

You’ll see a list of common repair issues below. Whether your problem is on that list or not, your first step in getting your Amazon Fire Phone running properly again is to contact us. For anything from a cracked screen to a malfunctioning camera, drop in to one of our five Computer Answers repair centers, use our Contact Form, or just call us. We’ll analyze your Amazon Fire Phone for free. Contact us now!

Our Repair Services Includes

• Amazon/Fire Glass screen repair/replacement
• Amazon/Fire LED screen repair/replacement
• Amazon/Fire Battery repair/replacement
• Amazon/Fire Charger repair
• Amazon/Fire Headphone port repair
• Amazon/Fire Software analysis and update
• Amazon/Fire Water damage repair