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GAMING PCS REPAIR  So you’ve heard of PC Gaming ? Ready to join the community of millions referred to as the “PC Master Race”? You have come to the right place. Get ready to not only get a glorious piece of equipment for your adventures, but to spark an interest above and beyond just gaming .


PC gaming is too expensive you say? Don’t like playing with a mouse and keyboard? Think that there are no games for PC anymore? You couldn’t be more wrong.

  • You can build a gaming PC for the cost of the latest generation of consoles, that will perform as good (if not better) than that X-Station or Play-Box or whatever you kids are calling them these days.
  • PC Gamers can use whatever controllers we want. Microsoft sells adapters for their wireless, Sony uses Bluetooth, and there are plenty of other manufacturers of gaming gear like Razer.
  • No games? You must not have heard of Steam or emulators. Go check out, come back when you’ve looked at every game they have for sale. (Don’t actually do that)
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