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Virus and Spyware Removal

pesky virus removal

The internet is a resource like nothing else in the world today. At the same time you are subject to countless threats and nuisances, it's a huge risk for your personal information if you catch a computer worm via a search engine. Viruses and spyware is how we refer to them, oftentimes avoid a free malware removal tool. You might have just visited a new website or downloaded some pictures or programs, well along with any of these might be a computer worm, which will require real time scanning and antivirus software, these little program which can overtake your computer.

The windows operating system is under attack by pop up windows, malicious software or malware infection, not by aliens, or bugs, but by other programs called viruses, without the right protection or knowledge you are exposed. Malware bytes anti malware is one of the great programs we use to help our customers with virus removal tool, and virus scanning. We can help you clean your computer with system restore, and to remove unwanted programs, from server, or network from any existing spyware or viruses.

How can we do this? Free version, many types of spyware, virus or malware, well start by the premise that we fix over 300 computers every month from viruses and spyware. Most computers come from the home user who is unaware that their computer has been compromised delete temporary files, you may be spamming their internal network and possibly spreading the virus to other computers. This will be followed by a call from Road Runner telling you that your internet is being shut off. Most people are unaware that you only get 3 strikes before an ISP will no longer offer you service. You must use anti spyware, and spyware removal, to clean computer from viruses, adware removal and computer worm removal this is a risk to your computers safety online.

The Solution

Is your computer infected? How can you find out?

Well it's simple call us for a free diagnostics, we will check to see if your computer has viruses or spyware and offer a solution, our in-house service rate is only $45/hour. At this rate most problems and viruses can be removed and prevented from coming back at a very reasonable cost. We can also come right to your home and tackle the problem on the spot.

Most people don't even know they're already a victim!

We'll scan your computer files and Windows installation to determine if you've been infected and eradicate the infestation.

Then, we'll put together a solution that includes the latest anti-virus, spyware search and removal, and ad blocking software in order to fend off as many of these malicious programs as possible. We even have spam filters and pop-up blockers available to help you improve your overall computing experience. All of these programs we will install are FREE , you don't have to pay every 6 months or a year, they won't go away and will keep your computer safe for as long as you use it.

Finally, before you go with your working computer, we will automate every scan you have and show you how to protect yourself if you should ever run into viruses or spyware again.

What are they and how do they work?

There are many variations of malicious programs referred to as spyware and viruses. Here are some of the most common:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans (serving the purpose of the Trojan horse)
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Bots
  • Worms

The underlying common theme of these programs is that they seize control of your computer. Once they gain control, crackers use it for purposes specific to the type and design of their program. Most often it is for financial gain, one way or the other. These programs have been known to:

  • Erase your computer's hard disk (destroy your data)
  • Transmit your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, email messages, and other vital data to the cracker
  • Link up with other infected computers to perform attacks on corporate or government networks
  • Route pornography or illicit materials through your computer to prevent the cracker from being tracked by authorities
  • Spy on your browsing or other computing habits
  • Inundate you with pop-up advertisements
  • Scan your email address book and use it in attempts to infect the computers of your friends and associates
  • Route bulk unsolicited email (spam) through your computer to prevent the cracker from being tracked by authorities
The Consequences

The consequences of just sitting back and being victimized can be devastating! Identity theft, criminal charges, and more have happened to normal people where the case showed evidence of spyware and virus infestation of their computers. Computer crime is a big gray area in law and you don't want to be implicated in unlawful activity or be the unlucky innocent caught in the web of a zero-tolerance law because your computer was unknowingly compromised and used for illicit purposes.

Protect your computer and yourself. Call us right now!

Call us right now and get Corporate level antivirus and anti spyware programs instilled on your PC for FREE, with no need for subscriptions, this program will not expire. FREE!! We'll get rid of them and help keep them gone. Call us right now at:

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