Computer Answers is a growing managed IT services provider based in New York's upstate and downstate. We achieve outstanding results for our clients through long-lasting relationships that ensure mutual business growth. Since our inception in 1999, we have provided quality IT products and services for clients all over the country. Our business strategy is simple: Help our clients reach their goals by consistently offering outstanding personalized service.

How We Work

Computer Answers runs on principles and is led by ideas from our technicians, analysts, engineers, and specialists. These are the experts who interact with our customers on a daily basis. We understand that you have a budget and a goal, and are in need of our technical expertise.

We at Computer Answers most importantly understand what our clients need. We know that each business has unique differences that set them apart and we work hard to understand your business. Our team of skilled computer experts incorporates your ideas into the solution. Computer Answers is committed to exceeding your expectations because in the end, what really matters are results.

We have evolved from a PC repair provider to an all in One it solutions provider with a complete focus in end user support through our various locations. Our original vision to make PC repairs a reality by offering the best possible service to our clients. Through this mission and all of its challenges we have grown to expand our services to a much more then the original offering. We now focus on Software and App development specializing in the follow technologies 

PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Native JavaScript and Jquery library, CSS, HTML, NodeJS, Nginx, Apache, Linux, Java, Objective-C, Swift, React Native, Native Script, Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic

All of these have had a role in us becoming a successful end user support company. As we are focused on using technology to help streamline and solve technical issues.

Some of The Clients We Are Proud To Serve