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Mobile App Development

Revenue at the palm of your hand.

Any discerning business wouldn't be oblivious to the fact that the world is now becoming increasingly mobile. A majority of web browsing activity now is done through smartphones. We have responded to this need with our  mobile app development  service. We can cater to numerous mobile platforms - most notably iOS, Symbian, Win CE, J2ME and Android. With us, you can save on development costs while achieving great quality on the resulting apps.

A focus on iPhone development... 
A majority of smartphones today are iPhones, and accordingly, our company's skill set is focused towards iOS app development. We are true experts in using iPhone developer toolsets and can create apps compatible to all Apple products.

Here are some app types we can do for you, depending on what your business needs:  

  • Office Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Internet Apps
  • Games
  • Utility Apps
  • Native Android 
  • Native iOS Apps

...but we can work on all platforms! 
Computer Answers is a company with sound technical expertise on a majority of all mobile application platforms. Whether it's Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, or even Palm, we can deliver unparalleled full   mobile app development   cycle, from prototyping, to development, to implementation, to customization, to testing and deployment.

It's all about interesting concepts. 
At Computer Answers, we know that it's not just about creating a great mobile app; it's also about creating an app that will spark the imagination of the consumer. It must be something novel, yet interesting at the same time! The idea behind your app should be engaging enough to encourage downloads. We will proactively coordinate with you to come up with a mobile app that's interesting, informative, and fun.

It's all about user experience. 
A lot of apps being made out there are complete pieces of rubbish. We won't allow ourselves to create throwaway apps for our clients. Expect only great user interfaces, high resolution graphics, astonishing functionality and, most importantly, an intuitive user experience for your mobile apps.

Let us create fun, together. 
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