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Fix Your Iphone Home Button

iPhone home button replacement

With each new iPhone there are many changes in construction and one of the major ailments is the home button is always running into various issues. Now that the touch sensor it’s a complex repair and requires micro soldering to fix, we have honed in this technique to make the iPhone home button repair and our experience uninterrupted. It stops pressing stops sensing and everything in  between, and without it just about nothing is even possible from accessing siri, to apple pay, or returning to home screen. Multitasking with a broken home button is impossible so this home button repair service is unavoidable, fix iPhone home button. When your fix a broken functioning home buttons

Even responding to different pressure sensing is impossible and luckily it's easy to detect as apple has installed a new feature to diagnose your home button it will notify you if there is a problem with your home button. We can handle any iPhone models, without having to replace my iPhone, you will be able to double tap, and click the home button even with wear and tear, assistive touch will be fixed and avoid other hardware problems related to the logic board. Your touch id and screen home button on your iPhone screen will be fixed, and you can press the home button. We will also clean everything with isopropyl alcohol, to make sure the 30-pin connector is perfect. You can go into your setting and adjust the pressure sensor to make sure it's set up to your liking. By using this apple feature if the home button is broken built into the software there is an onscreen home button to help you get by until its fixed.

There are unlimited reasons why your home button may be failing or has failed completely, this could happen from water damage, to dropping your iPhone, or even dust build up. your iPhone is water resistant up-to 1 meter submerged under water, but this doesn't mean that water damage still can occur.  There is no problem with your desire to have iPhone repair home button services performed.

There are very few repair shops that can handle this kind of repair and most repairs must be done through the apple store starting from the iPhone 7, but this is not true in our case we have the ability to fix the home button by replicating the serial number on the home button and soldering the new one in properly. We can handle any kind of iPhone repairs.

Most likely apple is trying to lock the market down so that all users go only to apple support directly to create a monopoly over the apple devices. Although we are still a strong  believer in the idea that technology should not be monopolized and want to offer this service for our customers, which is why we do.
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