Did you know that the U.S. Navy still has 10,000 workstations operating on Windows XP? Your business may not be as large as the Navy, but you may have a similar problem. How can you possibly get all your affected employees up-to-speed with new hardware, operating systems, or software efficiently without costly time delays? Or, if your computer, phone, or device is for personal use only, you probably need more advice than the small manual included can offer. Sure, there are online advisers but what use are those if you can’t get online, and anyone who has ever spent hours on hold with a contact center knows the annoyances of that service. 

Computer Technician Training You Can Understand & Afford

Computer Answers understands those questions and your needs. We are completely prepared to offer you complete training targeted towards bringing you and/or your employees the knowledge they need. Even something as seemingly simple as changing the model of company phones can create chaos, especially if you are switching operating systems.

There are a variety of options for Pc Technician Training:

  • We can work with you one-on-one in one of our five locations across New York State. (probably best for individual users)
  • We can send one of our Technicians/Trainers to your location to conduct hands-on training seminars and answer any questions. (best for small businesses)
  • We can ‘train the trainer’ from your IT Department and our technician will be available for consultation with your technician if any further questions arise. 

If you purchase any computer, tablet, or phone from us, at Computer Answers we make it our responsibility that you feel comfortable with your new device before you leave our store. All of our sales and service staff are trained, friendly and patient. We understand that there is a steep learning curve with any new purchase and we want that new purchase to make your life better, not painful. 

To learn more about our training service please call us or send us a message. You can find that information here on our Contact page.

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