Computer Motherboard Repair

PC or Mac won’t boot up? It could be in need of motherboard repair, a common issuer faced by PC’s and Macs alike. Computers can fail for a number of reasons including overheating issues caused by improper cooling unit maintenance. In order to dissipate heat correctly from the motherboard the computer must have a clear heat sink and a fan. These components include the north bridge, the internal CPU and graphics processing unit. A laptop computer is the most susceptible to motherboard over heating issues and related motherboard hardware related failures. Computer Answers can provide accurate motherboard hardware diagnostics for desktop and laptop computers. Once diagnosed, a laptop motherboard hardware issue is described in detail with the customer and a solution is devised.

Why Do Motherboards Fail?

In a majority of cases the motherboard hardware diagnostics is determined to be a poor joint between an on board chip and the motherboard. We operate specialized electronics repair machinery, used to remove the chip from the motherboard. Computer Answers also uses better, more flexible lead based solder to re-solder either a new component if the existing one is damaged, or a new computer chip. The repaired component will have a stronger solder joint and be less likely to break from heat stress.

An additional reason for computer hardware failure is due to user negligence, one primary
example is a short due to liquid damage. A simple water spill can be easily fixed if the computer hardware damage is attended to immediately. If computer hardware components are damaged, and burn out is due to a liquid short, and the device can be repaired without a great impact on the rest of the computer’s hardware motherboard. If the liquid is allowed to sit on the components, and continue to do component level hardware damage, then the computer motherboard goes through an oxidation process and the hardware components can become permanently damaged. This requires much more detailed motherboard level repairs.

For any level of computer motherboard hardware damage, we offer in depth repairs. Our computer hardware repair services come with an initial hardware diagnostics where we will pinpoint the cause of the computer hardware problems and offer a solution with a free estimate. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation. We specialize in any kind of hardware equipment repairs from custom medical equipment, to basic user laptop motherboards.