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…it's where vision meets substance.

Computer Answers web developers are experts in design, usability, and web standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do the job right the first time. Sure, there are a million design firms out there — with many trying to sell you on glam and glitz. But, what you don't get is the right skills for the job! This is the World Wide Web, not the cover of some magazine. You need more than just a clever cover artist. You need people who know networking, programming, and information design — inside and out. Computer Answers web developers are those people.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

We don't just hand you a pretty face for a site. We give you a real website that takes your endeavor seriously. You get a site that is fully accessible to everyone and every search engine.

A website developed by Computer Answers allows you to reach every last bit of your online market, including blind, deaf, color-blind and mobility-impaired visitors. Our sites are rock solid, developed using our exciting and pioneering new development methodology based in years of experience and research into web technology and user interaction. When your site is built by us, it allows:

  • easy change of color themes and background imagery
  • complete and correct indexing of your site by search engines
  • ease of use and ability of visitors to find things quickly
  • inherent accessibility of your site by any standards-compliant Web device

Done Right, No Extra Charge

The fact is, building your site for the future takes no more effort and costs no more money than building it for the past. Simply put, you can have all the benefits of a site working on any device simply by doing things right the first time.

Case in point: you could spend the money on a graphically intensive, pixel-perfect site that "wows" your visitors a few times and has to be tinkered with again and again to make it work on the latest PDAs and Web-enabled cell phones. You could, then, shell out some more cash to make a pretty-print version, and then mess with it some more to get it looking and acting right in browsers that the original designer didn't test it on.

But, really, why buy a sports car if you can't keep it on the road?

Stylish and Elegant

Websites we develop are not without style and elegance. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to maintain separation of style and structure. This means you get a site that works without styling and a site that can also change its look at will!

Our web developers are skilled at their craft, constantly evolving their development techniques to accommodate breathtaking new concepts in visual design and human interaction. They also have their heads on straight, treating your website as an information tool first, ready to be expounded upon as an interactive canvas that combines literary art with visual empowerment. The result is that your website achieves its purpose, instead of just taking up space.

Our approach is this: use simplicity, consistency, and subtle details to create a level of elegance that not only frames the words, but also facilitates comprehension, invokes emotion, and inspires memorable experiences that invite the visitor to come back, again and again.

All of our creations aspire to this standard. We work with you to harness our experience and expertise for the realization of your goals.

Take the Plunge

Give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation!

We'll send you a short client worksheet to quickly fill out and return to us. Once we receive it, we'll schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your needs in detail and explain exactly how we will deliver the perfect website for you!

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