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Mac Malware Removal

mac malware and virus removal  
Apple virus and malware removal

Infectious malware
Computer virus and Computer worm
executable file which infects your mac. we will detect and remove

malware which will operate undetected without your knowledge, we will find on your mac and remove

Apple Computer virus
often times hidden in your mac under the disguise of another program we will delete often times without destroying the program it was hidden in.

Screen-locking ransomware
these are gimmick applications which trick you into thinking you must provide sensitive information in exchange to remove the virus from our apple computer, we will help clear this.

Trojan horses
will mascaraed themselves as useful utilities and or applications and we will get rid of it all from your mac.

often times they will be entered into the system via email or some other avenue like a social media network.

worms are sneaky and cleaver files which will hijack other files to attempt to spread and hide from plain site we still have ways to get them out of your apple computer

2 years ago Mac operating system was hit with Proton Remote Access Trojan trained to extract password data from various sources, such as browser auto-fill data, the Mac-OS key-chain, and password vaults, we have you covered.

this is the most clever little apple virus which conceals it self from the active process tree and is difficult to spot but we have ways to track it and remove it for good.

its a virus that is used to bypath normal authentication, which once a apple machine is compromised unlimited access is granted to the virus to do as much damage as necessary.

All in all there are many ways your mac can be infiltrated, but we have been doing this for over 15 years so we are here to help.
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