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Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Blog sites. We cover it all.

Over the past few years, we've discovered how critical social media is for any business. A majority of people using the web are taking part in the "social networking" phenomenon, and it would be foolish to not take advantage of it. For instance, Facebook, the biggest social networking site today, is the most visited site in the world; Google is actually only second to it! Another social networking medium, Youtube, also has the second most used search engine online, after Google. It is evident that use of these social media outlets can generate more leads for businesses.

Here at Computer Answers, we have formulated the complete Social Media Marking (SMM) solution. While most companies are still catching up to the trend, we already know what to do. Because of that, we are the most logical choice should you need assistance in marketing via social networking sites.

SMM completes the Online Marketing Equation.  
Before,  sem  (Search Engine Marketing) was only a combination of  SEO  and strategic  Pay Per Click Marketing  (PPC). Today, a new element is necessary to complete the equation: SMM.  social media marketing  simply increases your site's profitability by about 50% because it brings in more traffic, builds better customer relationships, and it will help your audience expand naturally through social recommendation. Not only that, SMM is the most stable source of traffic because it helps you engage with your users on a more personal level.

Social Media Marketing allows you to interact with your clients in a way that you normally couldn't. You're now able to hear active feedback regarding your new products, services, or methods of advertising. You will also directly know what your consumer base truly desires to get from your company. You can also communicate with them one-on-one, something that has never truly happened before on the web. At Computer Answers, we're going to help you harness the power of Social Media to build a loyal clientele and foster a community of customers.

Be visible everywhere.  
Here are some of the major SMM tools that we will use when you will work with us:

  • Twitter This particular social media outlet is great because the content you'll be generating are short and therefore your followers will be more likely to read them. Not only that, your content goes directly to your followers' home pages, so they can instantly read your posts. You can also use short links to point them to additional content such as videos, articles and other media that may be available on your site.
  • Facebook Making a Facebook page for a business is the norm nowadays, but we will help you maximize the use of such a feature by creating stunning Opt-In pages, non-intrusive and fast-loading Welcome Tabs, informative and timed delivery of content and exact use of Page Descriptions. We will also help you set up your Facebook Ads campaign, should you request them.
  • Blogs and Other Social Media -  We will help you setup your Youtube page, should you proceed campaigning through video, designing video advertisements that will make use of your business' strengths. If you'd like to maintain a blog, we can do that as well. We will naturally integrate it within your website so it looks highly professional and is connected to your products and services.

What are you waiting for?
We are pioneers of social media marketing  and we've achieved immense success from it ourselves. It is the best marketing platform for small start-up businesses because it's free, easy to implement, and you can see the results in a short time. Contact us now at

so you can get a free quote, or better yet, visit any of our offices listed below so we can discuss how to integrate social media into your business.

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