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Software Security Consulting

In business, data is power.

The security of your business' information is critical to your success, whatever the size, scope or nature of your enterprise. Therefore, the programs and applications that your business utilizes must possess a rigid design that ensures maximum confidentiality of your data - impervious to hacks, virus attacks, or intentional/accidental corruption.

Computer Answers is a high-level computer services company that can repel virtually all security threats from your business' computer network, or software platform. Our IT engineers are professionally trained, highly experienced, and internationally sought because of their exceptional delivery of software security protocols. Some of the biggest software leaks come from open source software solutions which take free online source code and give your software platform a huge gaping wall. We can help to close these data leaks and secure your software platform to ensure its value and your business safety. From the beginning of our partnership, we will proactively design your programs and apps to have utmost security. We will pinpoint and target all your network's vulnerabilities and correct them through repeated testing.

Above all, we offer competitive rates to our clients, because it is our objective to help our customers save money. If you want to safeguard your data without the hefty price tag, we are the company you should call.

Our Software Security Methodology

Our IT engineers are extremely precise and thorough when implementing security measures for all of your business software. Here are the nine processes that we apply to improve your business data security by 100% - yes, your business will be virtually impenetrable and fail-proof by the time we are done doing our job. 

  • Encrypting:  Critical access information such as passwords, credit card digits, and other access codes will be heavily encrypted every time they're transmitted to remote clients and servers.
  • Authenticating:  We will help you confirm the identity of your own clients by putting forth authentication measures, which you can use to track user activity in your system.
  • Authorizing:  For us, authentication is not enough. We also make sure that users can pass authorization processes once they request to perform a level-specific action or request access to restricted data.
  • Deeper Integration of Digital Signatures: Without digital signatures, data can be easily tampered with, modified and corrupted. We will deeply integrate digital signatures in all your files, so you can be sure of the authenticity of all the data within your business network.
  • Auditing:  We need to keep tabs on all your apps that save private data or provide paid services to your clients. As you wish, we may help you audit each individual action your client makes, from visiting your website to accessing your products/services.
  • Module Designing:  We make sure that the solutions to your software's design are highly modular because it offers better security for your clients, as well as restricting data sharing between different modules.
  • Allocated Resource Limiting:  DOS attacks can happen anytime, so we will design your software's system in a manner that will inhibit public use of all your expensive activities.

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Businesses of all sizes need to secure their information to increase their revenue, ensure the longevity of their enterprise, and keep their clients' information safe. Your business is no exception. Contact our software security experts now at

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