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Apple Repair - Mac Repair

Mac service iOS repairs, and mac data recovery

Apple computer repair is easy, no matter what when your mac goes down it puts a huge damper in your day. Whether its a Macbook Pro or an iMac or an iPhone, we are here to help you get your computer or phone up and running so please reach out to us to find out more about our services. We also specialize in mac related data recovery.

Mac Computer Repair

Apple computer support is our game, no matter what part is broken a logic board or a screen needs to be replaced. Our experienced apple technicians are among the best in the industry and will get your mac the best care. We know any kind of devices from iPhones to tablets to desktops and laptops, no matter what even if your electronics device is not having a major meltdown please take advantage of our Free diagnostics service. If its slow we will speed it up!

iOS Service

If your iPhone is down it's pretty clear your life is over right now and everything stops we understand this. That's why our expert Apple technicians will be able to handle every mobile device problem you have from a screen replacement to a water damaged data and logic board recovery. If you bring your phone to us you can rest assured that it is in good hands!

Data Recovery

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is the loss of your precious data. Thankfully our technicians have had the experience of over 15 years of practice and 10s of thousands of previous recovery jobs so you know yours will be handled promptly and with care. These services are designed to recover lost or deleted files of any ios operating system. Our success rate is unmatched in the business of over %97 recovery success. We have various mac data recovery software, and can handle any file system, or file format we will perform a deep scan of the files to recover. We can provide storage device to recover data from your flash drive, or if you accidentally deleted your files. We can also teach you data protection to avoid these problems in the future. So recovery your deleted files and rest assured. So please bring in any of these devices to recover lost data:

  • Apple Desktop
  • Mac Laptop repairs
  • Mac Hard drive recovery
  • Any smart apple device
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A speedy repair of your computer or phone means that you can get back to doing the work you love. Fill out our online contact form to learn more about the Apple repair options we offer.

All of Computer Answers technicians go through an intense training process to make sure that our quality of workmanship meets and exceeds Apple standards. We also provide our own warranty on all repairs we carry out so you can rest assured we stand behind all of our work!

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