ASUS Tablets come in three forms there is the Nexus line marketed as a Google product, the transformer books which are Android devices that run Windows 8 when attached to a keyboard and the Eee Pad and Memo Pad lines. We can repair your android phones including android 4.0, android tablet or different versions of android. We can repair your nexus phone including Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, your nexus programs or your nexus devices in general. If you are a Nexus member or Android member, feel free to contact us today!

Also, many issues can happen within google as well. Once you are connected to wi fi, if your google pixel, google play or google nexus isn't working contact us for fast service and repair! If your ASUS tablet or form of ASUS has a broken keyboard dock or SD card reader that is no longer functioning, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at Computer Answers.


With devices such as the Transformer brand, the more peripherals and connections there are,the more there is that can become damaged. If you look below, you will see ten common issues that Computer Answers has successfully repaired. When you need a trained and brand knowledgeable technician to get your ASUS tablet repaired, contact Computer Answers. We can often fix your tablet while you wait.

Computer Answers. We can often fix your tablet while you wait. Our Repair Services Include

  • ASUS Tablet Battery Replacement
  • ASUS Tablet Charge Port Repair
  • ASUS Tablet Charger Repair/Replacement
  • ASUS Tablet Connectivity Repair (Internal Antenna)
  • ASUS Tablet Data Recovery
  • ASUS Tablet Glass Replacement
  • ASUS Tablet LCD Replacement
  • ASUS Tablet Speaker Repair
  • ASUS Tablet Virus/Spyware Removal