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Bad PC Repair Advice: The Worst Advice We’ve Heard

The Worst Advice we’ve Ever Heard about PC Repair

When it comes to  PC repair , there is fantastic advice and then there is bad advice. This is one topic on which everyone loves giving advice. Unfortunately, most of the advice is baseless or not going to help you. You shouldn’t be taking this advice or you will only end up making matters worse for yourself. Here are a few things that you may hear often which are actually bad for your PC:

Mistake 1: Believing that all repairs are related to your OS

Irrespective of whether your computer has slowed down or is suffering from glitches constantly, it isn’t right for you to blame Microsoft Windows for this. In fact, there might not be anything wrong with your OS at all. Experts will tell you that your OS can be in excellent shape and you may still have to deal with a slowdown.

In fact, most of the reasons for PC slowdowns, crashes or freezes have nothing at all to do with your operating system. The first thing which you need to do here is to find out what’s wrong with your computer. Go online and find software that will scan the health of your computer. This will help you figure out the root cause of the issue and help you solve it once and forever.

Mistake 2: Manual or scheduled maintenance can prevent system problems

When things start going wrong, the first thing that is affected in your computer is its performance. Registry setting may have become obsolete or have errors. Memory may get trapped by some greedy programs. Program files may get scattered around your hard drive. Unwanted programs may sneak into the start menu. Junk files will build up over time. These things are unavoidable, but this isn’t something that you will be able to fix with weekly or even daily maintenance.

Unless you can spend 24×7 optimizing your system, this is not the way to go. Optimization has to be about much more than just fixing these errors over and over again. You need to find solutions that will help speed up your PC while preventing the requirement of system repairs. This just isn’t possible. So while regular maintenance is paramount, it isn’t going to keep you safe.

Mistake 3: System repair to fix slow running programs

Even though there may be a number of reasons why programs can run slow, most people believe that it has something to do with your system. The fact of the matter is that when a system is running slow, it is simply because the program isn’t getting sufficient system resources to run the way it is supposed to. You need to understand that this is because your system lacks the necessary resources to run these programs and not because something is wrong with it. No matter how much repair you undertake, this is not going to help you resolve the issue.

So now that you know three of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to PC repairs, you know exactly what not to do the next time your computer is showing signs of trouble. For one, do not panic! This is not the dark ages; there are viable solutions.  
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