As part of our content teams efforts from time to time we like to write on partner blogs and share out knowledge with the world. Recently one of the pieces we generated attracted the attention of Microsoft.coms editors for their small business section. We’re beyond thrilled to have our ideas, and tips signed off on by none other than For business owners this piece is an absolute must read, and not just larger businesses. If you so much as exchange a dime over the internet, or pass sensitive client data for your 1 man small business, these business IT security tips are essential for just about everyone to understand.

The Need for Business IT Security

Business IT security doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating. In this post we break down 10 simple and easy to apply tips that will leave your business better protected against common threats. We all know that you should change passwords frequently, and that we should watch out for malware and viruses, but what other threats are lurking and what can you do to prevent costly loss of data, or worse identity theft.

Below you’ll find a link to the original post and a small sample of what you’ll learn inside.

10 Tips for Small Business Data Security

Small businesses are an important part of the economy since they can have a large footprint on business and commerce, both offline and online. But is providing service and support enough? There is a growing need to protect customers and their data to ensure their safety and security.  Read the full post at