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Computer Maintenance Tips: So Easy Anyone can Do

  Personal computers (PC) are second nature in today’s world. Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget that they need to be properly maintained and serviced every now and then. Everyone expects them to run at peak capacity yet they do not follow even the simplest of computer maintenance tips to help ensure this feat. Here are a few simple tips which are relatively easy to remember:

Safely Turn Off Your Computer

First, do not switch off your computer directly from the main switch or by unplugging it. Always close all the programs and then shut down properly. The only time when it is okay to shut the computer off directly is if the screen freezes and the hard drive is unresponsive. If your computer hangs too often though, get it seen to by a professional. There is a risk of irreparable damage to your computer each time you shut it down directly.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

One of the simplest tips for people who own a computer is to have a UPS. A UPS supplies power to your PC in case of a sudden power cut and this ensures your data isn’t lost and that your system doesn’t crash. It even protects your computer against low voltage or when there are fluctuations in voltage.

Task Manager

If your system freezes, try restoring operation by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del together before anything else. This will take you to the task manager from where you can end the faulty programs without doing any damage to your computer.

Data Backup

Simple computer maintenance also includes the storage of data. In order to ensure your data is stored securely, you should always have a backup hard drive. You can even set your computer to take automatic backups so that you don’t have to bother yourself with this all the time. A better option would be to get an external hard drive. Create backups for all your files and folders regularly and you will never have to worry about data loss if your system crashes.

Scan Disk and Defragmentation

Running scan disks and defragmenting your drive is something you should do on a monthly basis. If you’re too lazy to do this on your own, you could install a program that does it for you. This is a very simple step that goes a long way in keeping your computer in good running condition.


Ensure dust doesn’t get into the back of the computer and cover the fan. If air isn’t allowed to flow freely through your computer, it will heat up and this slows down performance.


If you are short on space and feel it is effecting the performance of your computer then try running only important programs and the programs you are working on instead of having everything open simultaneously. This will help free up system resources and make your computer run faster until you can free up some space.

These simple computer maintenance tips will go a long way in ensuring your computer is in top condition for the foreseeable future.

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