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Getting the Boot: How to Make Your Computer Boot Up Faster

Waiting for a computer to boot up can be a painfully slow process. Sometimes they’re so slow that you’re afraid to turn it off. But that should be the exception, not the norm when turning on your computer.

Here are some tips on getting your computer up and ready as fast as you are in the morning (maybe that’s a bad analogy…)


Duh duh duh….For as many awesome things that software can do, there are an equal number of less than stellar properties. Each time new software is installed or updated, it typically re-loads the next time you boot your computer. To speed up your computer booting time, disable the programs you rarely use from starting when the computer starts.

Also along the lines of software, make sure that you keep all your antivirus software up to date.

Clean Up

At least once a month you should clean out temporary internet files, your recycle bin, move unneeded files to a backup drive, and perform a disc defrag.

Stand By and Hibernate Mode

Loading programs takes the most time. Stand by mode lets you retain these programs to save times, and it saves power by shutting down the drives and monitors. You can set the computer to go into Stand by mode automatically have a certain amount of time. Some computers will time out of Stand by after a certain length of time so always save your work, but this option allows for fast start up. Hibernate mode is best used when you will be leaving your computer inactive for longer periods of time.

As always, it’s important to keep your computer well maintained.

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