We would love to tell you that companies of all sizes are embracing cloud computing because it’s an exciting technology that opens up new possibilities for productivity. The truth, though, is that most business owners and executives are glad to hear that cloud computing lets them do more, but are most excited about the bottom-line savings it brings.

If you haven’t run the numbers on cloud computing, here are the two biggest things you should know:

First, cloud computing lets you save huge amounts of money on equipment costs . Replacing a single server can easily involve five-figure expenses, and upgrading or maintaining several of them at once can be a big drag on the bottom line. With cloud computing, your IT provider takes care of these costs for you, and spreads them over dozens of clients, meaning you can have access to the finest equipment at a fraction of what you’re used to paying. Plus, you pay a monthly fee, rather than large, unpredictable invoices.

And second, cloud computing makes software a monthly expense, too.  Not only can you say goodbye to the days of having to go from workstation to workstation with a set of CDs to update software, but you can also stop paying those huge upgrade fees, too. That’s because, with the cloud computing system, you pay a monthly subscription rate and software upgrades automatically.

Put together, these two benefits can save your business tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year. Isn’t it time you talk with us about the bottom-line benefits of cloud computing?

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