GETTING RID OF A Virus from your computer doesn’t need to be complicated. With a little research, you will learn exactly what to do as far as  virus removal  from your computer is concerned. Here is a small guide to help you get rid of viruses from your computer systems with ease.

Before we get started, you should know that for the purpose of this guide we are assuming that you are running on a Microsoft Windows version and that you have access to a steady and decent speed of Internet Mbps.

Now here is what you need to do:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to restart your computer and keep pressing F8 until you get to the boot menu. This will open a screen with blue background and this should ideally happen before you see the Windows logo. From here, you should select the “safe mode with networking” option and then press enter.

The “safe mode” is Microsoft’s diagnostic mode where Windows will start your computer with minimum functionality. This does not allow any malware or viruses from taking control of your computer which makes it much easier for you to clean out your computer.

Step 2

The next thing to do is open a browser and download Malwarebytes anti-malware. Install this program and run a “complete scan” of your computer. This software will be able to get rid of 99% of all the malware which is infecting your computer. If it finds any threats, it will get rid of them and then ask you to restart your computer once again. Do so and run the scan again (not in safe mode this time).

Step 3

The final step for you will be to install virus protection or anti-virus on your computer. Two of the most common ones are AVG and Avast. Make sure that you don’t install any bloatware or extra toolbars while installing this software. Those annoying things will only slow down your computer.

Now, here are some other products which offer more advanced  virus removal :

  • Combofix : This is a free program which can remove all infections from your computer. Its greatest ability is that it can fix your system files too. This is a poignant feature and you will have your computer as good as new in as little as half an hour.
  • rKill : This is a little program which can disable any fake antivirus alerts so that you can remove them from your computer easily. rKill is losing its effectiveness as viruses keep getting better. But it can prove effective against many older viruses.
  • tdss killer : This program was in excellent condition a few years ago as far as getting rid of an infection was concerned which hid in the maser boot record of your system.

Finally, the best way to keep viruses out of your computer is by continuously updating Windows. This is something which viruses typically use as vectors to infect your computer. By ensuring they are updated, you will be able to prevent most of the regular infections from entering your computer and undermining what you have to do and want to accomplish online. If all else fails, check out our virus and  malware removal services .