In many parts of your business, buying what you need is a lot less expensive (over the long run) than leasing or renting is. So, when it comes to getting help with their technology, it’s no surprise that many business owners and executives automatically assume that hiring an employee is going to be a better deal than working with an outsourced IT partner.

That’s understandable, but it’s hardly ever accurate. In fact, here are the three reasons to choose outsourced IT help over in-house employees:

1. Outsourced IT is less expensive.  When you work with a company, rather than an internal employee, you don’t just get many different skills for one low rate – you also forgo expenses like benefits, training, and paid vacations.

2. An outsourced IT team is more versatile.  No employee, no matter how skilled, can look after your technology and be on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Nor can they be an expert in many different IT specialties. With an outsourced team, the cost of an entire staff is spread over numerous clients – meaning you get all of those advantages without having to spend more money on them.

3. Working with an IT company gives you flexibility.  Changing IT vendors, or upgrading and downgrading your service agreements, usually doesn’t take more than a couple of phone calls. Hiring and downsizing employees, however, presents a huge challenge on many different fronts: legal, payroll, staffing, etc. When you need to stay flexible for the future, outsourced IT is the best option.

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