Dust often means death to a PC. You start to hear that awful whining noise which is typically caused by dust in the vents to the power supply and fans. Fans keep the computer cool by sucking the hot air out of the machine and pulling in cold air. When dust gets into the bearings of the fan it can cause the fan to fail and the computer to overheat. Small pieces of dust can become trapped between bearings and shafts and soft fluffy dust can act as a break and slow the fan’s rate of rotation.

There are several solutions to prevent computer failure due to dust.

Filters for Preventing Computer Dust

Filters, such as those used by vacuum cleaners are inexpensive, readily available, and are designed for the purpose of filtering dust. The filter can be purchased in many forms, sheets are often cheapest and easiest to manipulate. Cut the filter to fit over the ventilation holes in your PC and secure it using ready-made holders. Make sure you change the filter regularly. This will save you time and money replacing the filters. A quick life hack: use a dryer sheet. Provides a filter for dust and makes your work area smell awesome.

Elevate Computer

Keep your computer on your desk in a well-ventilated area. Computers on the floor are most susceptible to the dust generated from foot traffic.

Clean Computer Regularly

This may seem pretty obvious but I see dusty computers all the time. Keep the area on and around your computer clean and used compressed air to clean out the inside of the computer on a regular bases based on the amount of exposure the computer gets. Try to keep food and drinks away from the computer, again I know this is easier said than done.

With these little tips you’ll be able to save time and money avoiding costly repairs caused by dust and dirt.