Whether your Dell laptop is a Latitude, XPS, or Vostro for your business or an Inspiron for home use, you need it to perform at its best all the time. When it is broken, that broken laptop requires the same immediate care and concern as a broken lock on your home’s front door. You need your laptop fixed securely, quickly, and professionally by Computer Answers.

We have been diagnosing problems with Dell laptops and successfully mending them since we first opened the doors to our first Computer Answers service center in 1999. That’s every model, every size. We make it our business to understand what our customers’ needs will be before they arrive with their Dell laptops. That makes us efficient.

Our Repair Services

Dell Laptop Repair Services by Us

Power issues, cracked screens, virus attacks – those are a few common issues we have found with Dell laptops over our years of experience. We list six services Computer Answers performs on Dell laptops below that handle recover lost data, dell computer repair services, technical support, and dell screen repair. If you do not see your need listed, don’t worry. Computer Answers will have successfully addressed the LCD screen, no need to contact dell, dell tech support is here we handle it before and we will do the same for you.

For your convenience, we have five locations, in the Albany/Schenectady area as well as Brooklyn. You are always welcome to walk into any of those with your Dell laptop. You can also just call us Toll-Free at 866-488-2806 or use our Contact Form. Describe your problem and tell us the model and screen size of your Dell. We can arrange to ship your laptop if you can’t come in. We can even send a technician who is an expert in Dell repairs to your home or office. Connect with us today.

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Our Dell Laptop Repair Services:

Free Diagnostic Service

Any time and every time your Dell laptop comes into one of our service centers, Computer Answers will do a complete Diagnostic Analysis on your computer. Our Diagnostic is quick, it’s thorough, and it’s free. Once we know what the problems are, then we can report to you what we have found and how we can fix them.

Dell Laptop Virus / Spyware Repair

Just like any device connected to the internet, your Dell laptop can be attacked by malware. The signs can be a slowdown in performance, perhaps frequent crashes, or you notice new and unusual programs in place. Computer Answers will find these dangerous programs and eliminate them. We will also advise you how to best protect your laptop – and your privacy – from future attacks.

Memory Upgrade or Replacement for Dell Laptop

Although your Dell laptop may have run great at first purchase, as new and more complex programs are added, your laptop becomes overwhelmed by the tasks it is being ordered to do. It slows down. It is having a memory issue. Thankfully, this is easily solved at Computer Answers. Within minutes, we can upgrade or replace your RAM chips. Your laptop will not be back where it was, it will be better than when you bought it.

Dell Laptop Water Damage Repair

Look we all have done it, we destroyed the dell motherboard repair option by spilling coffee or liquid on our dell laptop, and need an immediate dell repair shop near me, for a dell computer specialist, for dell computer support. Do not worry your dell Inspiron with the trademarks of intel corporation, will get the dell water damage repair lickity split. Our dell logo is a trademark and we only have the best dell repair technicians on staff to help get the spilled (coca-cola) soda out of your dell keyboard.

Dell Laptop Screen Repair

If your dell has a Pentium inside the core or a Celeron Celeron inside the core, or an atom inside intel core, all trademarks of dell, don't worry about taxes shipping, and other charges are … you won't be able to operate if your screen is cracked and you can't use your dell laptop. This is where we come in with our dell screen repair services, we replace dell LCD and led screens and we carry most of them in stock.

Dell Laptop Hard Drive Replacement and Data Recovery

Hardware can usually be repaired and always can be replaced. Information can be lost forever with disastrous results so let us do a dell data recovery and put it on your storage device, with our recovery tool. If your laptop has been damaged beyond reasonable repair, with failed disk drives, or data recovery service, or deleted files, well use data recovery software at Computer Answers will examine your hard drive – for free – check your recycle bin, external hard drive for file types, through the data recovery process and tell you our best estimate as to what percentage of the files can be recovered and at what cost. And just so you know, Computer Answers has an unparalleled 98% success rate in data recovery, we will recover deleted files for dell EMC or Dell EMC products

Our Dell Laptop Repair Services Include:

LCD / Glass Screen Replacement
Dell Water Damage repair
Dell Speaker Repair
Dell FREE Diagnostics
Dell Battery Replacement
Dell Charger Port Replacement
Dell Headphone Port Replacement
Dell USB Port Replacement