Google entered the tablet market in 2012 with its Nexus 7. Running the Android OS, Nexus has since added an updated 7-inch model, as well as the Nexus 9 and 10 inches. (Yes, we know that the Nexus 9 is actually 8.9 square inches, but Google named it, not Computer Answers.)

Our Computer Answers technicians have gotten to know all the models and sizes of the Nexus Tablets and we have successfully repaired everyone many times over. There have been several recurring issues, ranging from battery life, slow charging, Wi-Fi malfunctions, or screen damage. We list a few of these in the section below.

Our Repair Services

Why Choose Us for Your Google Nexus Tablet Repair?


Ever since Google came to the market as a software search engine company the world has been captured by a storm of google software and products. They are simply one of the most progressive companies in the history of technology entrepreneurship. It's truly incredible the kind of technology that google puts out on a regular basis. The Google Nexus tablet line is no exception. They are a leading tablet which has been a great competitor of the apple line of tablet products. One of our focuses has been making sure we don't miss out on the opportunity to service google nexus tablets. As a result, we have made it our objective to learn nexus tablet charging port problem repairs, nexus tablet screen repair problem support, google nexus tablet support specialists.


There is literally no google nexus problem we will not dive into. Bring your google nexus tablet repair shop as that is what we are! One of our focus areas is google nexus tablet data recovery, just in case there is that instance that you lose your beloved photos on your nexus tablet or any other memorabilia or important business documents. We specialize in google tablet fix services of all kinds.


Maybe your google nexus tablet has experienced some kind of water damage. Somehow you dropped your google nexus tablet and now are in need of a service to repair it. No matter what kind of nexus tablet repair services we will get you a free diagnosis!


No matter where you bought the Google Nexus Tablet as a verified purchase if incurred data loss, there is a shortcut key to navigate to google play and download lost files on your android phone. If your Google Nexus tablet comes with a full one-year money-back guarantee, there is a YouTube video instruction DVD special, which prime members enjoy free. Get extra batteries download and install file types and retrieve deleted photos videos music, heading shortcut key. Learn more about amazon prime and get the shipping feature will continue.


Google Nexus Repair Services

Free Diagnostics

Whatever the issue is with the Google Nexus tablet it is not a problem with Computer Answers we specialize in tablet repairs and can handle anything from hardware-related issues to software-related issues. Fear not get a hold of us to help you!

Charger Port Replacement for Google Nexus

If your Nexus is taking an unusually long time to charge, or if it is not holding its charge as it should, the problem may be with the Charge Port and not the battery itself. Our Free Diagnostic test (see above) will identify the problem and we will get it fixed quickly and correctly.

Battery Replacement

Nexus has had an issue with battery life since its inception. At Computer Answers we know how to readily identify that problem and if your battery needs replacing, you can be sure that we have it in stock, ready to snap in and let you get on with your busy day.

 Water Damage Repair

Yes, tablets occasionally get dropped in pools, bathtubs or even pots of boiling water if owners are reading a recipe. The first thing to do is call Computer Answers. The first thing to not do is to turn it on. The mix of water and electricity can do nothing but increase the damage and the cost to repair it. We’ll take care of your Nexus. We will dry it as carefully as you would your baby.

Screen Repair

Your Nexus display has two layers – glass and LCD. If the glass layer on your Nexus Tablet shatters or becomes scratched we can replace it within minutes of your bringing your tablet into one of our five service centers. Contact us and we’ll be waiting for you!

Google Nexus LCD Replacement

This is one of the most delicate parts of the Nexus Tablet. Extreme heat or a sudden power surge can cause anything from a mild loss of resolution to severe bleeding. We will have a replacement LCD at the ready for your tablet.