If you own a Google Phone, which was only manufactured by Apple in 2012-2013, you need to contact Computer Answers for any and all repair or service problems. This was the very first Google Phone, Because of this phone’s relative scarcity, most repair shops will not have the needed replacement parts in stock. Unlike most electronic shops, we keep most parts in stock and we do all repairs on-site, often while you wait. We can and will repair or replace screens, front and rear camera lenses, and more such as batteries or a broken Lightning connector. Computer Answers will even analyze your applications and report any problems to you – free. Repairs start at just $25. Whether your  Google Phone is having severe performance issues, or you just need a new charger, call us today for a free quote on your iPhone’s repair.

Repair Your Google Pixel Phone.

Need to replace your battery? Need a new software update? Need better repair options for a better price than what's affiliated at apple? Come in today to experience our services!

Not to mention accidentally damaging your phone is so common! Damaged charge ports, headphone jacks, bug reports, battery life and so much more are enough to get your phone repaired! Whether it be your google pixel,  pixel phone, or pixel XL, we got you covered! We also help with battery replacement, repair pricing, and repair cost to make it all accommodate YOU. User experience is important to us! Make sure to give us feedback!        

iPhone 6 replacement cost is very affordable and convenient at Computer Answers. The value of your favorite gadget is appreciated here at Computer Answers and our expert technicians are ready to do an iPhone 6 repair near you. Bring your phone to the store or set up an appointment, we will get that iPhone 6 screen replacement as fast as possible. A day without the phone can be hard so we offer same-day delivery as well.  With the best replacement products and experienced service providers, we ensure you get the best deal while repairing the iPhone 6 screen. Let us fix your broken phone today!

Why Choose Us for iPhone 6 screen replacement?

  1. Free Diagnosis.

  • Yes, we offer free diagnosis on every phone and will share the possible solution for it. If you are ready to go with the solution we will take care of that. iPhone 6 screen replacement made it easy with Computer Answers. 

  1. Same Day Delivery.

  • You don't have to wait long to get your iPhone 6 screen replacement, with the fast and best service the Computer Answers offers same-day delivery so you can enjoy the fresh and repaired phone without the wait. 

  1. No Hidden Charge.

  • The cost of the replacement product for the iPhone 6 screen replacement will be shared with the service charge so you know where your money is going. With no hidden charge, we deliver a transparent business deal. 

  1. Expert Technicians 

  • Have we mentioned our expert and experienced team of technicians? Well let's do that again, the team at Computer Answers are well trained and expert in handling any trouble your iPhone 6 is giving and they will deal with the phone in the proper manner so you get the best service and get your phone fixed in no time.

  1. Repair Warranty.

  • iPhone 6 screen repair services at Computer Answers do not end with only the repair. Computer Answer offers a 30 days repair warranty for any failed parts. Labor is not covered under warranty.

What makes us different? How about FREE Diagnostics, repairs while you wait, and a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

Our Repair Services Includes

  • Google Glass screen repair/replacement
  • Google LED screen repair/replacement
  • Google Battery repair/replacement
  • Google Charger repair
  • Google Camera repair
  • Google Headphone port repair
  • Google Software analysis and update
  • Google Water damage repair