Looking for ipad repair service? Look no further! Computer Answers offers comprehensive iPad repair services for all models of iPad. The same features that make the iPad so popular – their lightness, portability, their camera, and sound capabilities – also make them prone to damage and internal issues within a body you the consumer cannot fix yourself. That is why Computer Answers is here. If you’ve got a broken iPad, we have iPad repair services to get you back up and running. Many of our repairs can be done while you wait.

iPad Screen Repair Service Near You in New York

At the bottom of this page, you will see six common problems we have fixed many times at one of our five Computer Answers service centers. Chances are, one of those describes your issue with your iPad. Even if you don’t see yours listed, drop in or call us. We’ve seen them all. You can always walk into our locations in the Albany/Schenectady area or in Brooklyn.

If that is less than convenient for you, call us Toll-Free at 866-488-2806 or use our Contact Form. Tell us as much as you reasonably can about what the problem is with your iPad. We will arrange to ship for you, or even set a pick-up time. No matter what the circumstance, our Computer Answers technicians will get your iPad up and running again.

Our iPad Repair Services

Free Diagnostics

A problem with any device has to be diagnosed before it can be fixed. At Computer Answers, we think it is only fair that you know what the specific issue is and what it will cost before you commit money to it. That is why we do a Free Diagnostic on your iPad any time you bring your tablet in.

iPad Volume Button Repair

There are not many buttons on an iPad, but the few there are can cause issues. The Volume Button has been known to stick, become loose, or disconnect. Computer Answers can repair this problem in our Service Center while you wait, or have it ready for you to pick up when you leave work or finish your shopping elsewhere.

iPad Glass Screen Replacement

The glass surface of the iPad has become stronger and less likely to become cracked or scratched as Apple continues to improve its product. Still, apply enough sharp force to any object and it will break. Computer Answers has a full stock of replacement glass for all versions and sizes of iPad and iPad Mini. You might even like us to apply a scratch-proof layer on your iPad before it becomes scratched.

iPad Screen Repair

Beneath the glass on your iPad is an LCD display. Depending on your version, that can either be a common display or (starting with the iPad 3) a Retina display. For a variety of reasons that display can start to lose resolution, become muddy or even lose all functionality. We will identify the cause and replace that screen for you.

iPad Camera Replacement

The camera on an iPad can have its lens scratched or broken, or there can be an internal connection fault preventing it from taking clear and enjoyable photos. Within minutes, Computer Answers can find the source of the problem with either the forward or selfie camera and get you back to taking pictures again.

iPad Water Damage Repair

As with any electronic device, water and the iPad just do not get along. If your iPad got dropped into a pool, a lake, the bathtub, or anywhere else, please do not turn it on to see if it still works. It may well work for a time, but the water will be creeping through the system, corroding and increasing the spread of damage. Instead, call Computer Answers immediately. We will contain and repair any damage.

What makes us different? How about FREE Diagnostics, repairs while you wait, and a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

Our Services Include:

LCD / Glass Screen Replacement
Water Damage
Microphone Repair
Speaker Repair
FREE Diagnostics
Home Button Repair
Battery Replacement
Charger Port Replacement
Headphone Port Replacement