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iPhone 3G Repair

iPhone 3G Repair
the iPhone 3g, produced between 2008-2010 added a larger size and an upgraded battery to the 1st generation iPhone. the full plastic back of the 3g model greatly improved the iPhone's signal reception. with millions of 3g’s still in use, computer answers is ready to answer their repair needs. unlike most electronic shops, we keep most parts in stock and we do all repairs on site, often while you wait. we can and will repair or replace screens, camera lenses, and more such as batteries or frayed and broken chargers. computer answers will even analyze your applications and report any problems to you – free. repairs start at just $25. whether your 2007-2008 iPhone is having severe performance issues, or you need a new charger, call us today for a free quote on your iPhone's repair.

our repair services include
iPhone 3g application analysis
iPhone 3g battery replacement
iPhone 3g camera lens repair
iPhone 3g camera replacement
iPhone 3g charge port repair
iPhone 3g charger replacement
iPhone 3g earphone port repair
iPhone 3g glass replacement
iPhone 3g lcd replacement
iPhone 3g speaker repair
iPhone 3g virus/spyware removal
iPhone 3g water damage diagnostic
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