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For iPhone 4 repairs you need to contact Computer Answers. With a front-facing selfie camera and a rear-facing video capability, the iPhone 4 was an enormous seller from 2010-2014 and continues to sell strongly in the used phone department. Whether yours was bought new, or if you have found a damaged one for a low price, bring it to Computer Answers for all your iPhone 4 service and repair needs. Unlike most electronic shops, we keep most parts in stock and we do all repairs on-site, often while you wait. We can and will repair or replace screens, camera lenses, and more such as batteries, headphone ports, or internal microprocessors. Computer Answers will even analyze your applications and report any problems to you – free. Repairs start at just $25. Whether your iPhone 4 is having severe performance issues, or you just need to replace a frayed charger, call us today for a free quote on your iPhone’s repair.


Messed up home button? Headphone jack? Need your screen repaired? Here at Computer Answers, we have you covered. If your phone is suffering from water damage and has messed up the screen over the frame, have no fear. We are able to replace a window screen with our screening materials with ease. Cracked screens and battery replacements are also where our expertise resides. Whether you need help with excess screening, your front or rear camera, or your damaged phone as a whole, we can save you time from going to a repair shop, just come on into Computer Answers and we will provide whatever services you need!d a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

 We Do iPhone 4 Repair - from Charging Dock to Back Glass, Everything!

  • iPhone 4 Application Analysis
  • iPhone 4 Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 4 Camera Lens Repair (front and rear)
  • iPhone 4 Camera Replacement (front and rear)
  • iPhone 4 Charging Port Repair
  • iPhone 4 Charging Dock Repair.
  • iPhone 4 Charger Replacement
  • iPhone 4 Earphone Port Repair
  • iPhone 4 Back Glass Repair
  • iPhone 4 LCD Replacement
  • iPhone 4 Speaker Repair
  • iPhone 4 Virus/Spyware Removal
  • iPhone 4 Water Damage Diagnostic