iPhone 6s Plus screen repair is easily accessible at Computer Answers at the best price. The value of your favorite gadget is appreciated here at Computer Answers and our expert technicians are ready to do an iPhone 6s Plus repair near you. iPhone 6s Plus replacement cost is very affordable and convenient at Computer answer. With the best replacement products and experienced service providers, we ensure you get the best deal while repairing the iPhone 6s plus screen. Stop looking at that heartbreaking cracked screen and get it fixed at Computer Answers now. 


Computer answers are ready to handle any repair or service problem you have with your new iPhone 6s plus. With the largest-ever 5.5 inch screen offered by apple, that means more surface area exposed to potential damage. No matter what your need is, computer answers are ready to assist. Unlike most electronic shops, we keep most parts in stock and we do all repairs on-site, often while you wait. We can and will repair or replace that 5.5-inch screen, either the front or rear camera lenses, and more such as the internal battery, broken chargers, or headphone ports. Computer answers will even analyze your applications and report any problems to you – free. Repairs start at just $25. Whether your iPhone 6s plus is having severe performance issues, or you just need to replace a frayed cord, call us today for a free quote on your iPhone 6s plus repair.

Steps You Can Follow to Repair Your iPhone 6s Plus

  1. Make an appointment for your iPhone 6s Plus Repair

  • Making an appointment is always the best way to receive the best services. Also during this post-COVID time, we encourage you to make an appointment to get an iPhone 6s Plus screen repair service. Call on the store number and get it done. 

  1. Step in or let us come to you.

  • If an appointment is not your style or you just need to fix your iPhone 6s screen repaired now, you can step into the store or our team can come to you as well. Whatever your schedule or day looks like we have a way to fit it the time to repair your iphone6s plus. 

  1. Fastest Repairing Service

  • The fastest repairing services are brought near you by Computer Answers. With our five locations in new york and the best team, we will deliver your iPhone 6s Plus screen repaired as soon as possible.  

  1. Pay after your phone is fixed.

  • You get the bill after we have fixed your phone. So bring the cracked phone and our team will give you the estimated price later when you pick up the repaired iPhone 6s plus you pay the bill. 

  1. Enjoy & Share our Service.

  • At Computer Answers customer satisfaction is the main goal. We deliver the best service and take care of your phone so we can make sure you receive the best service while repairing your favorite iPhone 6sPlus.

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