Computer answers have been repairing malfunctioning or broken iPods ever since apple released the very first model in 2001. The iPod is no longer ‘just a music player. Your iPod nano or iPod touch is also storing your other media. It may even be serving as your portable hard drive containing vital business, financial, or other personal information. You need to get that device back in your hands and work safely just as soon as you can.

iPod Touch Screen Repair Near You At New York 

Here at computer answers, we have the tools and equipment to make sure we satisfy your needs! Our tool kits always come in handy. Is there damage to your iPod's LCD screen? Need a new replacement part? Is your battery life always low? Need a charging port replacement? No worries, we got you covered! 
Aside from iPods we also can help repair iPhones and Samsung galaxies. We can help repair many things such as your phone's charging port or any phone charging port. We can fix your iPhone screen or galaxy screen if damaged. We can replace your headphone jack and so much more! So come in today for fast and friendly service!