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Laptop Repair Service

Laptop Repair Service

Your Device is Safe in Our Hands for Laptop Repair

It is a common misconception that laptops can only be repaired by their manufacturers. At Computer Answers, this is something that we've disproved repeatedly in the past decade. We are a legitimate  laptop repair the company, fixing laptops of all kinds, makes, and models. We have expertise in all kinds of laptops, netbooks, and notebooks down to the component level, so the manufacturer of your computer won't change our results. We just know that we can fix your computer quickly and permanently.

To prove our exceptional service, we won't charge you for anything if we are not able to fix your laptop. Our pricing fees are fixed and up-front, with no hidden charges at all. We are one of the very few  computer repair companies that do this. It is our company's primary objective to save our clients money. Not only that, if you drop your laptop at any of our offices in Clifton Park, Albany or Schenectady, you get FREE same-day diagnostics of your laptop's issues.

We Will Repair Your Laptop's Board 
If your laptop's company maker tells you that they won't be able to repair your laptop's motherboard and that it needs a replacement, chances are, they're wrong. MOST laptop motherboards are repairable; they just don't want to do it for you. We are able to fix your motherboard. It is one of our specializations as far as  laptop repair  is concerned.

We WILL Repair Your Laptop's Screen
  Another rampant problem among laptop users is the fragile screen which can easily break after a few years of use. Depending on the level of damage, we can repair or replace your display at a very affordable price. It doesn't matter if you use Acer, Dell, Packard Bell, Sony, Alienware, Toshiba, Asus, or HP - we can fix your monitor at a fixed rate.

We Will Repair Essentially EVERYTHING of a Laptop
 Faulty parts? No problem. We can easily replace or fix your defective capacitors, voltage regulator chips, integrated circuits, connectors, transistors, zenor diodes, and resistors.

Faulty software? No problem. Our top-notch software technicians have advanced tools that can fix common issues such as boot failure, unexpected computer or software crashes, virus threats, and more.
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