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Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair

We have been in the business of computer hardware repair for over 20 years. When we began offering this services monitors weighed 50 pounds and needed their own room. With the progression of smart devices we have stayed in tune with the evolution of hardware and repaired over 30,000 screens of all types. No matter your device, we can bring the image back. Please stop in for a Free Estimate on any screen or LCD repair. Often times you can use  an external monitor while your LCD panel is replaced, or waiting for the laptop LCD to arrive.

Most laptop manufacturers carry standard LCD screen assemblies, first we will remove the screen, check the parts, remove the screen bezel, bezel screws, if needed replace the video cable. If your laptop is a touch screen do not worry, we can even provide you with a replacement laptop while you wait for us to fix the laptop led.  All of this will eventually lead a broken laptop screen into a replacement LCD :). Your laptop computer will not have any dead pixels as we guarantee that replace the screen service will be guaranteed or your money back.

One last thing, we also have a great focus on replacing macbook pro retina displays and our prices are some of the least expensive in the business. No matter what kind of cracked laptop screen replacement you are in need of we are here to help you.

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Don't wait contact us today to get your laptop screen back up and running as new.

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