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How to fix a crack iPhone screen - Best Tips from

As thousands, if not millions across the globe Damage their Phones,  Phone Repair Industry   reports  4b Revenue increase since 2012 till date.

All you  iPhone  lovers out there,  at least once in a lifetime you might had ended up with a  broken screen or yet to experience it.  The pain is real, like really real, just like your  heartbreak with your partner! 

Such instances can let you down instantly and make you slip into depression with no  sign of coming out soon.  All of the above sounds so dull no? Just Kidding! 

Fixing   a crack iPhone screen  is not a series of long,  endless drama, but with some options or tips, it can lend you a helping hand. With  patience and time, you are going to get your beloved iPhone back, just like it  has always been.

Get  it to the Repair Centre

If you have a phone insurance, then you can  breathe peace as half of your worries are sorted. But if you are without the  insurance, they are ready to splurge on, as fixing an iPhone is going to shell  out some money from your pocket. 

But this can also be done with a retailer who  specializes in  repairing phones and other gadgets.   This will not only save your  money but give you the repaired handset with good service. And you might thank  yourself for not overspending and the money can be later used for ordering that  mouth-watering pizza or burger!

Keep the protector layer

If you got a protection layer on your iPhone screen,  let it remain and please don’t even  try to attempt stunts to remove it.  One stunt you have already made by dropping it on  the floor and then going OMG about it!

Please let the safeguard remain on the screen because  if you try pulling out, chances are that few parts of the screen might come out  Sounds scary enough right? So drop the idea right then and there.

But after  close inspection, if you see that the protector is  cracked,   then you can safely  remove it and get it replaced easily.

Internet To the rescue

Yes, you read that right as this option and  Google   is the right way to spoon-fed  yourself. Find on  YouTube   the best videos as they clearly demonstrate how to repair the  screen the right way. 

This might be tricky unless you are not a techie or someone who is a gadget  freak. Though all this is helpful to some extent if you are new  iPhone  user, then it's  best to give it to  expert .

When out of Money


We all  iPhone users   surely know how to flaunt the flashy phone and eagerly  spend  huge bucks for buying one. But we  forget unknowingly or rest are simply unaware that iPhone is high maintenance.

So if you are running out of money, there is this simple, but no guaranteed way to  save your screen. 

Use transparent tape from your stationery to seal the screen, mind you this needs to be  done very carefully.  This might somewhat give your front camera pics or so-called  “selfies” a bit of a difference, but you can manage it overall.

In conclusion:

These are just a few of the tips sensibly curated for iPhone users, who can still be able to use the phone smartly

I strongly believe you went through this content carefully and absorb the information in it! 

Meanwhile, whether you choose to go for the: Apple repair service,  Street Store  or Do it  yourself, you have to be aware that it’s going to cost something which can be money or time…


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